Give Your Clients the Power to Help Your Business!

Written by Sarah Lewis

March 16, 2022

Your current clients could be your most valuable resource, providing you with sales, feedback, and referrals. With the Digital Marketing Age in full swing, reaching your clients is easier than ever. The internet and social media are at your fingertips, so why not utilize all its’ capabilities to reach out to your prospective clients?

Set Up Your Accounts

Facebook is one of the top social media platforms in the world. Having a Facebook page for your business can be very beneficial. It gives you a way to see what your clients are interested in and receive feedback about your services. Be sure to enable reviews and comments on your page so that customers have the ability to give you feedback on your offerings. By using Facebook, you can make improvements to your business based directly on what your clients are saying about you. Positive attention isn’t all you should pay attention to; make sure to be aware of negative feedback. Use negative comments to make changes addressing customer concerns and announce the changes when they are made. Negative comments don’t have to be related to a failure by your business; they can be seen and used as critiques for a positive change.

Get Verified

You need to verify your business on Google! Doing this gives Google the ability to list your business when it is searched. Obtaining your Google verification also allows customers to leave reviews about your services, which can be displayed on websites or Facebook pages.

Make it Easy to Leave a Review

It’s essential to make these processes simple for the public to interact with. Leaving a review on Facebook is easy and doesn’t require much effort. A lot of people are only inclined to leave reviews when they have had a negative experience because they feel as though they are doing something about it. But with Facebook or Google, because the process is so simple, people will be more inclined to leave a review that could be good or bad due to its simplicity. If you are not using a platform like Facebook or Google, be sure to make it easy. If customers are required to sign up before leaving a review without incentive, they are very likely to leave the page.

All in all, using the internet to connect to clients is a valuable new capability that has come about in the Digital Marketing Age. Many successful businesses implement this practice and see great results. Using social media and the internet you can receive valuable feedback and exposure for your agency. The tips in this article are just the tip of the iceberg for what you can do to market your business digitally.

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