What is your Sales Approach?

What is your Sales Approach? There is no doubt you've met with a client and heard about a previous insurance agent who attempted to "bully" them into purchasing a product. Your client or prospect may have also experienced the agent who chose to go through the entire...

Digital Marketing for Late Medicare Buyers

It’s likely you’ve already begun your AEP marketing prep. As a Medicare insurance agent, the stakes are high, and your goals are clear; entice Medicare eligibles to choose you as their insurance agent during the AEP! An average of 10,000 people turn 65 and become...

2019 Agent and Broker Compensation Rate Adjustments

The Compensation Rate Adjustment for MA and Section 1876 Cost Plans Contract Year 2019 is as follows: Compensation Type National CT, PA, D.C. CA, NJ Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands Initial Year $482 $542 $601 $331 Renewal Years $241 $271 $301 $166  PDP - Initial Year...

Countdown to 2019 Medicare AEP








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