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We are dedicated to the technological innovations created and implemented to improve the overall efficiency of our insurance agents. 

Agent Pipeline is the leading national field marketing organization in the senior market and ACA Health space. Our purpose is simple: to provide insurance products and back-office services to meet your specific business objectives.

We have over 33 years of experience helping insurance agents and agencies help members of their community, ensuring they have access to affordable, quality health coverage.

Some of the services and programs we offer insurance agents include:


MedicareCENTER is game-changing agent technology. It’s the most powerful solution built to make client engagement, tracking, quoting, enrollment, and follow-up simple & seamless.

With an all-in-one universal login, MedicareCENTER brings all of your carriers to one place with scope of appointments, quoting, Rx drug lists, e-applications, and more. One username, one password, one goal – keep it simple.

Some of the unique features of MedicareCENTER include:

  • Electronic, email, and SMS text signatures accepted on SOAs & applications
  • Personal URL for client engagement, complete self-service & enrollment
  • Send multiple plan quotes with plan brochures and formularies via email
  • Compliantly store your SOAs & applications for 10-years
  • Store client prescription drug details & give them access to update year-round
  • Auto-fill prescription details with BlueButton integration
  • Built-in CMS & carrier approved script in our Call Center Platform
  • A true multi-plan platform offering enrollments for over 75 carriers

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CSG Actuarial's MarketEdge Tool

CSG Actuarial is the industry leader in market research. You can gain an unprecedented competitive edge by using real-time quote data to track up-to-the-minute activity and trends in the Medicare markets. MarketEdge is the ultimate sales and marketing research tool. You can create a visual output with custom heat maps to understand the competitive landscape.

  • Forecast the impact on sales based on market activity and product competitiveness.
  • Stay ahead of the competition by identifying changes & trends to the competitive structure in your market.
  • Plan your targeted marketing activities based on geography.
  • Truly focus your marketing based on state, county, or zip code level by plan and carrier.

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Proprietary Agent (CRM) Customer Relationship Management Tool

Agent Pipeline offers a proprietary CRM at no cost to our agents and agencies. Our unique CRM is built by agents for agents – a total game-changer when it comes to agent operational technology.

  • Client entries house detailed demographic information and track activity in real-time
  • Send a scope of appointment directly from client’s entry
  • Quoting & enrollment capabilities integrated right from your client’s profile
  • Store important TCPA compliance permission settings (e.g., DNC and SMS permissions)
  • Add provider, prescription & pharmacy information to your client’s profile
  • Our dashboard provides unique client snapshots with real-time reporting and resources
  • Detailed reporting capabilities & dispositions that make sense for an agent’s workflow
  • Lead deposit opportunities available
  • Easy bulk client & prospect detail import feature

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Business Automation Solutions

Agent Pipeline takes technology solutions and agent support to a new level. We offer business automation support with our team of business system experts. When it comes to examining your operations and technologies, we are here to help guide you and provide you with the options you need to make budget-friendly decisions that deliver optimal results.


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Agent Pipeline offers insurance agents access to quality, real-time leads that can be purchased to connect with prospects through our proprietary lead platform, LeadCENTER.

LeadCENTER improves your leads on every level with fast and cost-effective acquisition and efficient management solutions. Leads from LeadCENTER can be geotargeted for specific markets for multiple product lines and range from 30-days old. LeadCENTER is one of the simplest and fastest ways to acquire high-quality new leads. LeadCENTER leads are 100% verified and TCPA compliant.

With LeadCENTER, insurance agents have access to:

  • An integrated CRM where all lead information is tracked
  • Heatmaps showing specific geographical information
  • Lead options sourced from a variety of channels and targeting different product types
  • Lead performance tracking

LeadCENTER is ready to onboard agents! For questions or additional training requests contact the support team at leadcenter@integritymarketing.com.

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