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We take a proactive approach to compliance and strongly emphasize protecting our agents’ book of business. We aim to help our agents operate their agencies confidently and minimize the risk of compliance issues. We believe that a strong compliance program is essential for protecting your business, your reputation, and we are committed to providing you with the necessary guidance and support to achieve this goal.

Compliance Corner FAQs

Does Agent Pipeline provide compliance training?

In addition to the traditional Combating Fraud, Waste, and Abuse Training, Agent Pipeline provides additional training through the Agent Elevate program on Avoiding Sales Allegations, Selling Over the Phone, and more.

Here are some other helpful compliance training resources:

Does Agent Pipeline help with filing marketing materials with CMS?

Our Chief Compliance Officer and Marketing Compliance Lead have simplified the submission process for filing marketing materials with CMS.

You can submit your marketing materials to be filed by clicking here.

Can Agent Pipeline review my marketing pieces?

If you have marketing pieces you’d like our Compliance Department to review before you send them to print, we can ensure you’re using all the appropriate disclaimers required. Submit your marketing materials review request by clicking here.

Do I have to record my calls?

In 2022, CMS issued new Medicare marketing rules and guidelines that applied to MA plans, PDP plans, and MAPD plans. There were several additions to the Final Rule that impacted how agents conduct business. One of the changes was the requirement to record your calls. We have created a helpful tool that outlines the requirements from the CMS Final Rule. Click here to access our FAQs regarding call recording requirements and the TPMO disclaimer.

Are you looking for an affordable call recording and storage solution? Learn more about our proprietary tool MedicareCENTER! Connect with us to learn how to easily record inbound and outbound calls, retain the calls for 10 years, and never run out of call storage. And the best part? There is no cost or hidden fees attached to our platform.

Are there new rules about autodialers, ringless voicemails, and the Do Not Call Registry?

There were some changes with the TCPA, or Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991, impacting how agents communicate with other agents (for agent recruitment), how they communicate with policyholders and consumers, how to handle opt-out requests, and obtaining and maintaining appropriate consent to contact. Click here to download our guide and learn more about the compliance and rules surrounding topics like:

  • Manual Calls
  • Do Not Call Registry
  • Calls via Autodialer
  • Call Abandonment
  • Artificial & Prerecorded Voice Calls
  • Text Messages & Ringless Voicemails
  • Faxing
  • Consents
  • Email Messages
  • Permissible Hours
  • Lead Generation, Acquisition & Sales
  • Outbound Communication Flow

What are some examples of Medicare Communications & Marketing Guidelines?

The Medicare Communications and Marketing Guidelines provide the marketing and communication requirements for MA, MAPD, and PDP plans. The communication and marketing materials vary based on intent and content and include both digital and traditional distribution methods. Some examples of the MCMGs are required disclaimers (e.g., TPMO disclaimer, Permission to Contact disclaimer, RSVP disclaimer, etc.), use of prohibited language, content to be used during educational and/or sales events, the pre-enrollment checklist requirements, and more. If you have a question regarding a guideline, please contact complianceboard@agentpipeline.com

At Agent Pipeline, we believe in taking a proactive approach to compliance to protect your business. Our Compliance Team provides support to agents in keeping up-to-date with Medicare regulations through our compliance corner communications, training sessions, and helping with marketing materials review and filing. We’re all about prevention, not reaction. Our framework for agencies includes policies and procedures for detecting and reporting compliance issues, staff training, and regular monitoring and auditing tools. We encourage agents to conduct regular internal audits to catch any non-compliance issues before they become bigger problems. Reporting compliance concerns is made easy and is essential to maintain the integrity of the Medicare industry. Together, we can ensure our industry remains reputable and trustworthy for seniors to rely on for their healthcare needs.

Kim Patterson

Kim Patterson

Senior Vice President of Operations & Chief Compliance Officer


Email complianceboard@agentpipeline.com concerns, details or questions about an incident, and indicate if you wish to remain anonymous.

Please include the name(s) of the organization(s) involved, as well as any relevant individuals.

Compliance Hotline

To report an incident, call our 24/7 hotline at

You can leave a message anonymously, or if you provide a call-back number, we’ll follow up with you for additional information.


You may mail written correspondence marked confidential to:

Agent Pipeline Compliance Board
114 Smiley Drive
St. Albans, WV 25177