3 Ways to Develop Better Relationships & Sell More Insurance

Written by PJ

June 8, 2021

One of the most essential yet often forgotten components of sales is building relationships. As an insurance agent, you are in the relationship business, and selling insurance products and services is a bonus. You have likely heard the phrase, “it’s not what you know, but who you know.” In fact, studies have shown that successful influence is 87% people knowledge and only 13% product knowledge, which means that most of your success is determined by your ability to connect and relate to your potential clients.

In this industry, possessing adequate communication and connection skills separates the average insurance agent and leading insurance professionals. Providing a top-notch experience for your clients requires you to communicate, connect, and influence at a high level.

You may be asking yourself, “How do I communicate, connect, and persuade my clients effectively?”

Some people connecting with others comes naturally, but becoming an outstanding communicator takes time and effort. Despite natural talents and personalities, I believe that communication is a skill that can and must be developed.

Let’s take a look at 3 of the best things you can do to build better relationships and increase your sales.

Be Confident

Being confident is believing in yourself. It may seem like more of an attitude than a skill, but it’s essential to your success as an excellent communicator and an insurance professional.

1. Believe in Your Agency
Before you can become the best, you must believe that you are the best. You should be proud of your agency.

2. Believe in the Insurance Companies You Work With
You represent multiple insurance carriers and products, and although you may have a preferred carrier, it’s important to remember that not all clients have the exact needs. You must have complete confidence in your carrier’s ability to serve and protect your clients. Trust generates confidence.

3. Know Your Value
You should know what sets you apart from other insurance agents and what value you provide to your clients. Start by asking yourself questions like:

• Do I leave the client better off?
• Do I have a clear and influential message?
• What makes me stand out?

Being sure that you provide a valuable service to your clients helps boost your confidence.

Courage, pride, trust, and value all generate confidence. True confidence can’t be faked. Remember, you are in the business of building relationships. It’s nearly impossible to sell yourself to a potential client if you aren’t confident in yourself. Confidence comes from knowing your worth and providing distinctive value. Confidence comes from believing in yourself and investing in your personal and professional growth and development.

Courage, pride, trust, and value all generate confidence.

2.Be Authentic

Everyone has different skill sets, backgrounds, and passions that drive them and make them unique. Don’t pretend to be something or someone you aren’t. Some people may have a difficult time with this, not because they are intentionally trying to be someone or something else, but because they desire to be successful and tend to do what other successful agents do. Being authentic requires everyone to develop a greater level of self-awareness. Ask yourself questions like:

• Where do I fit best?
• What unique strengths and abilities do I have?
• What are my weaknesses?

As an insurance agent, you need to be comfortable with who you are to connect with others efficiently. Being authentic is essential to your success. Always remember your “why?” and use it as a driving force to reach the goals you desire.

3. Be Prepared

We often get too comfortable in our profession and get stuck in a routine, causing us to lack preparedness and not be at the top of our game. We’ve all heard the saying “practice makes perfect,” but many people felt awkward or embarrassed practicing within the office or with a team member. In an attempt to avoid being unprepared and embarrassed in front of coworkers, you opt to practice on an existing or potential client. If you take a step back and think about that statement, it sounds absurd, doesn’t it? Being unprepared isn’t acceptable for insurance agents. Giving your clients the best service is one of the things that set you apart. You owe it to yourself and your clients to be at the top of your game. A major key to being a successful communicator is to be prepared for every situation.

Unfortunately, many insurance agents are never fully prepared for team meetings, sales appointments, phone calls, or even emails. Many agents possess a “wing it” mentality, and often you get lucky, but imagine how your results would improve if you were fully prepared consistently.

Preparation is an essential skill that insurance agents need to master to take their sales to the next level. Persistent preparation is what separates the most successful insurance professionals from the average insurance agent. It’s much easier to be confident when you are prepared, and if you are prepared, you are halfway to victory.

As you read in the beginning, over 80% of influence comes from your ability to connect with potential clients and build relationships. If you want to develop better relationships and sell more insurance, follow these simple steps to take you and your business to the next level.
The key to becoming a better communicator is taking the initiative, having courage, and developing skills. No one gets better by mistake; you need to have the desire and determination.
If you want to develop better relationships and sell more insurance, start with these simple steps to take your business to the next level.

1. Build confidence
2. Demonstrate authenticity
3. Constantly preparing

Remember, this will always be a business centered on building relationships. Invest in yourself and maximize opportunities with current and potential clients. If you would like more guidance on obtaining your goals and reaching the financial success you deserve, contact the experts at Agent Pipeline. We are here to support your unique business model and help you transform the way you conduct business to meet your and your clients’ needs.

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