10 Ways Insurance Agents Can Stand Out on Social Media

Written by Lexi Williams

April 28, 2021

As an insurance agent, you must get creative when marketing your insurance agency to stand out among the competition. You want to be the person that people come to first about their insurance needs and questions. Social media is a considerable way to draw in leads and prospects to your business, so you need to make sure you are on you’re a-game. Luckily for you, Agent Pipeline has put together a list of 10 things you can do to ensure you will stand out among the competition on social media.

  1. Optimize your personal profile cover photo.
    Your personal Facebook page is not the place to do business. It is a place to connect and build relationships with clients. When optimizing your page, choose a personal cover photo, such as a family photo. You don’t want to choose anything that is sales-like.
  2. Optimize your page Info Section
    There is a spot beneath your Facebook profile photos that you can fill out with all kinds of clickable information. This is where you can add in a little “business card” of sorts. Make sure you go back and test this so that you don’t have any broken links.
  3. Selfies
    Anytime you meet with a client or create a video, take a selfie. Keep them on your phone or in a folder on a service like Dropbox or Google Drive so that all of your team have access. Use photoshop or a tool like canvas or remove.bg to strategically remove the background and use it in marketing materials.
  4. Believe in yourself, and others will follow
    If you want to get clients, you need them to believe things about you, your products, the urgency, and that they need it. You need to organize these ideas to create content that teaches them about this to conclude to say “yes” to your offer. There are different branches to your marketing, and using these branches, you can also combat objections.
  5. Record videos
    Create videos from your content – and then repurpose those into other content. Video is one of the most consumed forms of media online, so get to it!
  6. Create a Facebook group for your clients.
    Want to build an online community? Facebook is the best way to do it. Know your target market and help them solve their problems in a community of like-minded people – that you are leading.
  7. Connect the group to your insurance agency’s page
    This is huge if you create a Facebook group; make sure you connect it to your insurance agency’s business page.
  8. Repurpose and cycle content
    Don’t think that you can only post content once – not everyone has seen it the first time. Don’t be afraid of reposting and repurposing content. Some might be interested more the second time. Feel free to edit the video to create gifs, mini videos, etc. And never be afraid to repurpose anything – not just videos – even blog posts, downloads, quotes, any of it.
  9. Segment and engage
    Many agents end up not making meaningful connections on social media because they get overwhelmed with the number of people online. Use lists on Facebook to organize your friends into personal contacts, clients, prospects, etc. Many people do not know about this handy Facebook feature!
  10. Network for your insurance agency’s page
    Don’t just show up as your account – connect with others on your insurance agency Facebook page as well. Like pages as your page, comment as your page, etc. The only time you should steer away from this is in your Facebook group; keep it as a place to connect as humans. But use your business page to connect as a business with others.

For more information or strategies to help your agency stand out on social media – contact Agent Pipeline at 800-962-4693 today!


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