How to Spring Clean Your Insurance Agency’s Technology, Processes, and More

Written by Jessica Adkins

April 30, 2019

How to Spring Clean Your Insurance Agency’s Technology, Processes, and More

Spring is the time of year, we all set our gears to focusing on renewal and clear a few hours of our schedule to clean the filing cabinets and desk drawers. Most people already know the positive impact the cleansing process has – you feel new, prepared and excited to conquer the upcoming AEP season in the fall.

From a business perspective, the flood of spring-related positive energy makes team members more willing to embrace new directions and ideas. Setting the stage for “spring cleaning” in your upcoming year is essential to get a head start on your competitors and keep your perspective fresh.

It’s time to weed out unnecessary tech processes and infrastructure.

Unless your equipment and protocols are practically new, they might be bogging down operations. For instance, a laptop that’s several years old has likely lost its efficiency. Systematically scour each tech tool and platform you use, looking for opportunities to upgrade or replace outdated processes. It’s also a great idea to work with Agent Pipeline’s Marketing & Innovation Department to assist as a consultant for technologies, platforms, or systems.

Fine-tune your online presence.

While you get a handle on your IT-related protocols, turn your attention to the online face of your brand, beginning with your website. Seasonal face-lifts are a requirement – ensuring your customers take action by signing up for your newsletter, quoting plans, researching and getting a better understanding of their options, etc. These types of direct actions are going to take place on your website and take your customers to the next step, allowing you to be a step further in closing a sale. Though you might not be able to afford a total redesign of your website, you can still freshen up content, swap out old photos, etc.

Another important piece is to review your social media profiles. Are they aligned with your brand voice or image? Do they offer up-to-date information? If your researches reveal you’re grappling with an online presence – reach out for help! Agent Pipeline offers assistance and guidance with social media marketing, including a no-cost self-study course that can help you understand the basics, important KPIs to measure, and how to manage your online reputation.

Scrub your client list.

Go through your CRM, your directories, however, you keep track of leads and client information – and scrub away! People change addresses, email addresses, and phone numbers. Task team members to getting a handle of the health of your lists.

First, find a one-stop place for your data to live. If you want to use a spreadsheet to begin your scrubbing, that’s a great place to start a repository of data. Even without a CRM, you’ll be far ahead of the 20% of agencies that never collect client data. Remove duplicates, remove hard-bounce emails, confirm phone numbers, and address changes. This also allows you an opportunity to create new segments for the year ahead and ensure the proper marketing messages reach your target audience.

Clean your desk.

Of all the locations in your office, research indicates that the average desk harbors 400 times the bacteria than a toilet seat. And that phone on your desk? Let’s not even talk about it!

While you can’t trash everything on your desk, you can take a serious look at getting it organized and getting rid of, and shredding things you do not need.

Encourage your office coffee drinkers to take home the mugs they never use. Help the paper hoarder tame his desire to keep unwanted clutter. Send your toughest scrubbers to the nearest office supply store to purchase eco-conscious disinfecting products and get to work on desks, the break rooms, office phones, and the refrigerator!

Consider adding some greenery to improve your air quality too. Peace lilies, English ivy plants, and potted mums are easy to maintain in an office setting. In return, they help care of your entire team by filtering our airborne germs and microparticles.

Cleaning up your office and encouraging your team to take part in a spring cleaning of technology, processes, their desks – will help promote a refreshed atmosphere and get them ready to take on the world!

Questions about cleaning up your portfolio for AEP? Give us a call at 800-962-4693. We have new products available with Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplements, Life Insurance, and affordable ancillary products too.


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