Influencing Lead Conversions

Q. What influences my lead conversions? A. Many factors can influence lead conversions for an insurance agent. These factors are significant to know and understand. Why are these factors important? The thought is the better you know the influences, the more...

Best Practices for Selling Insurance Across Age Groups

Q. How can I sell insurance across age groups? I don't want to limit myself. A. It's essential to keep your opportunities limitless! Sometimes we get stuck in working with the same age group because we are extremely successful. However, there are opportunities within...

New Medicare Cards Coming to Medicare Supplement Clients

The New Medicare Cards are coming to your Medicare Supplement clients. Medicare Advantage plan enrollees can keep using the same cards. As we reported earlier in the year, the card replacement effort is beginning and those with Original Medicare coverage will soon...

Medicare Health Plans

Agent Pipeline offers only the most competitive Medicare Health Plans products in your market. We specialize in Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans, Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plans, and Dual Eligible Special Needs Plans. As the leading Medicare FMO, we provide in-depth training for agents new to the Medicare market and those who have been in the industry for years. We have a national footprint and represent national and regional name brands. Click here to meet our Medicare Market Managers.


Life & ACA Health Plans

Agent Pipeline’s origins come from the individual health market and we are no strangers to the ever-changing legislature and updates to the Affordable Care Act metal tier plans. We are also the first FMO to offer alternative plan options to your clients, including Minimum Essential Coverage Plans, short-term medical options, and Healthshare Ministry plans. Our enrollment technology also allows you to quote, enroll and market all product lines to increase your cross-selling opportunities. Click here to meet our ACA Market Managers.

Compliance Program

Our industry-leading Compliance Corner offers agents an opportunity to better understand how to avoid sales allegations, notify agents of any changes in rules regulations, assist with audits and reviews, provide guidance and reviews of compliance programs, and with the development of generic marketing materials. As an FMO, we work with vendors and carriers to provide the support agents and agencies need to remain compliant. Click here to visit our Compliance Corner.

Marketing Department

Our marketing department is like no other. Unlike other FMOs, Agent Pipeline is here to assist with developing your brand, marketing materials, and more. We provide guidance and assistance with marketing strategy implementation, website development, and ensure you have unique opportunities with lead generation and retail stores. When you choose Agent Pipeline as your FMO, you receive immediate updates and exclusive marketing opportunities. Click here to learn more about a consultation with our Marketing Department.



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