Five Tips for Successful FFM Registration

The registration process for agents and brokers in the Federally-facilitated Marketplaces (FFM) is now live for the 2015 plan year!  You can begin by accessing Part I (training, exams, and the FFM Agreements) on the Medicare Learning Network® (MLN) at Below are the 5 tips that were discussed in a webinar hosted by CMS.  They will help […]

Get Ready… Get Set…Go Travel!

Click the link below to learn more  about Medico’s Go Travel! Award Program. And, get ready to have some fun! Go Travel

CMS Releases Medicare Marketing Guidelines for 2015

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has made available its 2015 Medicare Marketing Guidelines. If you have not had the opportunity to review them, we encourage you to download them and do so now. CMS revises their guidelines annually and we want to make sure that you have a profitable and compliant selling season.

Number of PPACA Enrollees Expected to Double

The end of grandfathered plans, an increase in penalties for the uninsured, and the growing number of small employers who will halt coverage for employees is expected to drive up the number of PPACA enrollees for 2015. An estimated eight million people enrolled in plans this year and that number will only go up as […]

SEP for Florida Physicians United Plan Members

As you may be aware, Physicians United Plan was declared insolvent earlier this week. With this information released, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has granted these members a Special Election Period (SEP) to enroll into another plan of their choice. Effective today, you may assist these members for an effective plan date […]

AHIP Recommends Extension of ACA Subsidies to Catastrophic Plans

Changes to the Affordable Care Act recommended by America’s Health Insurance Plans would enable people who purchase catastrophic plans financial assistance. Those plans are not currently eligible for the law’s subsidies. Often those who purchase the plans are young and healthy; just the type of people who, by buying insurance, could help keep premiums down […]

Information For Consumers on Federal Marketplace Medical/Dental Enrollments

Due to a system limitation of the Federal Marketplace, when a consumer is enrolled in both a medical and dental plan through the Marketplace, termination of one plan automatically terms the other, even if the plans are through different carriers. This is not a regulatory requirement, but the result of a system issue with the […]

CMS warns helpers about robots; may be sign of things to come for agents

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In a slideshow designed to simplify new exchange helper regulations, CMS warn those who work with HHS-run exchanges against using automated communication systems. The slides are targeted to navigators, non-navigator assistance personnel and certified application counselors. Though, these regulations don’t apply to agencies, we anticipate seeing some that do.  The slideshow also deals with the difference […]

CMS 2015 Final Rule Released

Agents who have been anxiously awaiting the release of CMS’s Final Rule for 2015 can breathe a sigh of relief! The rule is out and, rather than the anticipated reduction in commissions, agents may actually be getting an increase! In terms of agent/broker compensation, Renewal Compensation will be capped at 50% of the Fair Market […]

Special Enrollment Periods for Complex Cases in the Marketplace

Open Enrollment for 2014 Marketplace coverage is over. Outside the Open Enrollment period, you can enroll in a private health plan through the Marketplace only if you qualify for a special enrollment period. You can qualify for a special enrollment period if either of the following applies to you: You have a qualifying life event […]