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Introducing Medico’s New Charter Join us for an exclusive webinar featuring Medico’s Brand-New Charter coming to your market soon! You’ll learn about Medico’s ultra-competitive rates, a new unique underwriting model, a generous agent bonus program, and more!
(Estimated duration: 35 minutes)
CSG Actuarial Training for Agents Join us for a live training with CSG Actuarial to learn about the exciting new features of MedicareCENTER.(Estimated duration: 50 minutes)
Cost-Effective Grassroots Marketing Join us for an exclusive webinar with regional vice president Hank Goggins as he dives into cost-effective grassroots marketing methods proven to help your business grow and meet your goals.(Estimated duration: 30 minutes)
Cross-Selling Your Book of Business Join us for an exclusive live webinar with Regional Vice President Matt Goheen as he explains how to cross-sell your book of business and the impact it can make for you and your clients! (Estimated duration: 30 minutes)
How to Sell Medicare Supplements Join us for our latest segment from our All Things Medicare Supplements Series. In this segment, Sarah Christy will discuss the basics of Medicare Supplement, Why you should be selling them, tips on how to sell Medicare Supplements, and much more! (Estimated duration: 30 minutes)
Review: Aetna’s Quote and Enrollment Tools Enroll Tool. You’ll learn about Aetna’s competitive products and experience a live demo of their easy-to-use quote and enrollment tool. (Estimated duration: 50 minutes)
Why Cross-Sell: GTL Complementary Products Join our exclusive webinar for a detailed review of GTL’s portfolio with our Ancillary and Medicare Supplements director, Sarah Christy, and Demetri Simps from GTL. We’ll discuss the opportunities for you, your clients, and the difference it makes, and how to get started cross-selling these products. (Estimated duration: 30 minutes)
UHC Dual Special Needs Plans Join us for an exclusive live webinar UHC as he details the importance of selling Dual Special Needs Plans, how to sell them, and more! We’ll also go over grassroots marketing strategies proven to help you reach your target audience, make more sales, and grow your business. (Estimated duration: 60 Minutes)
Insulin Savings Program Did you know that more than 3.3 million people with Medicare use insulin? With the rising cost of insulin, it’s essential to do all you can to help meet your clients’ medical and financial needs. Join us in this exclusive webinar to learn more about insulin savings programs, the opportunity you have to serve clients, where to find plans, and more! (Estimated duration: 30 minutes)
Lumico Medigap Solutions: Exclusive First look at Elips Join us for an exclusive live webinar and learn how to increase your sales with Elips, a brand-new Medicare Supplement from Lumico Life Insurance Company. Learn all about what Elips has to offer, including some of the lowest rates in the market, increased auto approvals, and more! We can’t wait to share this information with you! (Estimated duration: 45 Minutes)
Humana Reach Rewards Join us for a free webinar and discover Humana’s exclusive Reach Rewards program. Learn how you can unlock rewards and get what you deserve with five different levels of rewards! (Duration: TBA)
Check Out What’s New with Bright Health’s ACA Plans Join us for a National Highlight of Bright Health’s ACA Plans. We’ll review 2021 performance, discuss the new opportunities due to the American Rescue Plan and the updated Special Enrollment Period, and more! (Duration: TBA)
Mutual of Omaha: Senior Health Solutions Join us for this exclusive training event on Mutual of Omaha’s Medicare Supplement. Learn about their industry-leading bonus program, incentive trip, agent marketing credits, and ultra-competitive rate! (Duration: 32 minutes)
MedicareCENTER Demo Join us for a demo of our new powerful platform, MedicareCENTER. Discover all you need to increase production this upcoming AEP – enrollment tools, CRM, Learning Center, and more! (Duration: 55 minutes)
Friday Health Expansion Review Now available on-demand! Join us for an exclusive webinar hosted by Neisha Rhodes to find out more about this Friday’s expansion into Georgia, North Carolina, and Oklahoma. You don’t want to miss out on the opportunity with this quickly growing carrier. (Duration: 25 minutes)
All About Medicare Supplements: Plan N Exclusive webinar with Sarah Christy from our new series All Things Medicare Supplements. In this segment, we will cover the basics of Medicare Supplements, plan options, and more! (Duration: 11 minutes)
Marketing Medicare Advantage Plans to Veterans Check out our exclusive webinar with Regional Vice President Ronnie Withrow as he discusses proven tips and tricks on marketing Medicare Advantage Plans to Veterans. (Duration: 20 minutes)
Deciphering the Household Discount Check out this exclusive webinar from our series All Things Medicare Supplements! In this webinar, Sarah Christy will cover the ins and outs of household discounts. We’ll discuss the requirements, carriers that offer these discounts, and much more! Join us to make sure your clients are getting the most out of their Medicare Supplement Plans. (Duration: 11 minutes)
DSNPs – Serving an Underserved Market Join Regional Vice President AJ Fiorelli as he dives into Dual Special Needs Plans and how we can meet the needs of underserved clients. (Duration: 28 minutes)
P&C Partnerships: The Blueprint for Beneficial Partnerships Exclusive webinar with JR Rucker and dive into the blueprint for beneficial partnerships! We’ll look at how partnerships can benefit your Medicare business, how to identify your target agencies, how to prepare and approach prospective partners, and more! (Duration: 36 minutes)
T65 App Demo: Finding T65 in your Market Check out this exclusive webinar with Lester Conn and explore our new T65 App designed to help you find T65 prospects in your market. (Duration: 21 minutes)
How the ACA Changed: The American Rescue Plan Act Join us to discover the changes, learn how you can help your clients find more affordable ACA plans with The American Rescue Plan, and take advantage of this new opportunity! (Duration: 23 minutes)
Lead Management Leads to Sales Join us to learn about identifying your target market, lead management, and generating leads. We’ll also discuss some unique marketing strategies and our exclusive lead program opportunity. (Duration: 17 minutes)
Email Marketing 101 Check out our exclusive webinar now available on-demand focusing on email marketing for insurance agents and agencies. At the end of this presentation, you will walk away with the basic knowledge you need to start email marketing for your agency. (Duration: 29 minutes)
The American Rescue Plan: How to Grow Your Supplement Sales featuring IHC Join us to learn how the American Rescue Plan recently passed by the Biden-Harris Administration affects insurance agents and the insurance industry as a whole. We’ll discuss the new Special Enrollment Period, other important changes, and what you need to know to help your clients while increasing your sales! (Duration: 44 minutes)
Cigna Medicare Supplements Join us for an exclusive webinar and discover what’s new with Cigna’s 2021 Medicare Supplement Portfolio! We will discuss the value, benefits, and products that Cigna offers and much more. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how you can make a difference in your commissions and meet your client’s needs. (Duration: 35 minutes)
The Benefits of Lump Sum Cancer Plans In this exclusive webinar, Matt will discuss the costs associated with diagnosis, coverage, how it will help your client, and what’s in it for you. (Duration: 23 minutes)
Cross-Selling Cancer, Heart Attack, and Stroke Plans Join us to learn the importance of cross-selling Cancer, Heart Attack, and Stroke plans. We’ll talk about how and why you should sell it, as well as the many benefits for you and your clients! Don’t miss this opportunity to increase your sales and meet your client’s needs. (Duration: 15 minutes)
Humana Achieve Medicare Supplement Join us to learn more about this incredible Medicare Supplement. During this webinar, we will cover this nationally recognized carrier’s increased commissions, competitive prices, 12% household discount, and its array of value added member services. (Duration: 26 minutes)
Increase Your Sales Opportunities by Integrating DSNPS Join us to learn how you can grow your business, and increase your sales opportunities by integrating dual special needs plans into your marketing strategy. (Duration: 42 minutes)
Cross-Selling Medicare Advantage & Hospital Indemnity Plans Learn about cross-selling these products – and increasing your commission – with our free, on-demand webinar on Cross-Selling Medicare Advantage and Hospital Indemnity plans. (Duration: 12 minutes)
Improving Your Sales Approach Learn proven techniques to improve your sales techniques and turn more prospects into loyal clients. (Duration: 14 minutes)
Why You Need a Digital Marketing Strategy Let’s review the basics of digital marketing and why you need this strategy! We’ll discuss the importance of a website, email marketing, social media marketing, and full marketing optimization to help increase your ROI! (Duration: 40 minutes)
AEP is Over Now What If you are looking for ways to boost your Medicare sales outside of the annual enrollment period (AEP)? Join us to learn ways insurance agents can take advantage of the other 311 days this year to increase productivity – and earn more in commissions! (Duration: 22 minutes)
Marketing to More Prospects Your potential client pool is growing and changing – Join us to discover tips to make sure you’re taking advantage of the best way to market to the Medicare-eligible community. (Duration: 12 minutes)
ACA 101: Back to the Basics Join us as we review the basics of The Health Care Reform, subsidies, essential health benefits, and metal tier plans. ACA metal tier plans are more important than ever with the new landscape of the underage market. You don’t want to miss your chance to serve a new population of ACA qualified individuals in your market. (Duration: 22 minutes)
Cross-Selling Dental, Vision, and Hearing & Medicare Supplement Join us for an exclusive cross-selling training series focused on dental, vision, and hearing plans; an opportunity that will help you qualify for incentive trips, increase client retention, and help you earn up to an additional $20k each year! (Duration: 12 minutes)
Appointment Setting After AEP Now is the perfect time to reflect on the aftermath of AEP and focus on what’s next. We’ll take a look at referrals, lost leads, and prospecting opportunities. As well as identify unique ways to thrive in 2021. (Duration: 14 minutes)
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