Marketing & Innovation

Marketing & Innovation

Empowering Your Efforts

We focus on creativity and digital marketing strategy. We strive for excellence and provide our agents with one-on-one consultations, customizable marketing pieces, and no-cost tools needed to increase their marketing efforts. We have developed an exclusive training program and the empowerment tools needed to ensure your marketing efforts provide you with a maximum return on investment.

Jessica Adkins

Managing Director of Marketing

Stephen Hayward

Creative Director

Nicole Varner

Business Systems Analyst

Agent Pipeline is unique in the marketing support and training we provide agents for their website, email marketing efforts, social media campaigns, and strategy development.

We take a proactive approach with our agents to ensure their marketing pieces are compliant, digitally-optimized, and ready to generate leads for their business.

Some of the services and programs we offer insurance agents and agencies include:


Team Contact Information

Creative Marketing

PJ Galloway
Ext. 39313

Shelby Hudson
Ext. 39696

Sarah Lewis
Ext. 39036


Operations & Innovation Support

Melisa Rife
Ext. 39317

Seaver Stanley
Ext. 39027

Marketing Services Available

Every agent and agency has a unique need when it comes to the marketing support they receive. Our team of experts is here to help you along the way and provide services, recommendations, and training on how to maximize your marketing efforts!

We provide assistance with email marketing best practices, CAN-SPAM compliance, email marketing campaign consultations, guides, and platform recommendations.

Our team also provides website reviews and assistance, support with plug-in installation, platform hosting migrations, and guidance for optimization best practices.

Agent Pipeline also has a talented team of on-site designers who are sure to help you stand out in your market. We can help design your brand kit and create compliant, customizable direct mail and digital marketing pieces.

Our team also helps you navigate the process of designing a marketing program that works for you. We’ll help you navigate this process with the materials you need taking a “train the trainer” approach.

For more information on how Agent Pipeline’s Marketing & Innovation Team can help you jump start your marketing efforts, please send a request to marketing@agentpipeline.com.


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