What We Do

We are a leader in product, services, and solutions

Agent Pipeline works to be a leader in products, services, and solutions that enable and transform the way you conduct business. We provide insurance products tailored to meet the specific and ever-changing needs, wants, and demands of our agents and their beneficiaries.

Development for New Agents

We help new agents by teaching them the basics of the industry by setting a foundation based on ethics, compliance, and quality products.

Support for Experienced Agents

We provide administrative support, competitive product and market knowledge, education & training, retail opportunities, marketing support, and quality lead programs.

Growth Opportunities for Agencies

We provide agencies with a hands-on approach to agent support by providing a strategic focus with mimimum time spent manging personnel and admistrative tasks.

Taking You to the Next Level

We help you develop and maintain a local competitive edge with marketing/sales strategy, we assist with building and promoting your brand.

If you’re ready to get started with Agent Pipeline, it’s time to schedule your one-on-one with a Regional Market Manager. We’ll take just a few minutes of your time to discuss your current market, product portfolio, and forecast future opportunities.

During our consultation, we’ll review your marketing strategy, compliance program, and determine what techniques may be best to help you grow your business and retain more clients.

We can ensure your goals are met when you allow Agent Pipeline’s Agent Services Division handle all broker and beneficiary issues you may experience. Don’t wait — give us a call now at 800-962-4693.


Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans

Medicare Supplement plans, also known as Medigap policies, work to cover the gaps left behind by Original Medicare Part A & Part B. Medicare Supplements can be sold at any time during the year with medical underwriting, however, there are open-enrollment periods that a prospective client can take advantage of to purchase Medicare Supplements without underwriting. Click here to review our Medicare Supplement Carrier Partners.

Medicare Advantage & Part D Prescription Drug Plans

Medicare Advantage plans tend to be popular amongst Medicare beneficiaries and can offer additional benefits such as dental, vision, and hearing, transportation fees, and prescription drug coverage. Medicare Advantage plans can also help individuals with special needs. These plans are known as D-SNPs or C-SNPs. Additionally, prescription drug plans are available with stand-alone Part D Prescription Drug plans. Stand-alone Part D plans help your client afford their prescriptions. Click here to review MAPD and PDP Carrier Partners.

ACA Metal Tier & Underage Health Plans

ACA Health plans are plans that can be enrolled through the Marketplace and offer subsidies and tax-credits for individuals who quality. There are alternative underage health plan options now available such as: Short-Term Medical plans and Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) options. Click here to review our ACA, Short-Term Medical and MEC Plan Carrier Partners. 

Ancillary & Supplemental Products

Because no health plan covers all costs, we ensure our agents can provide their clients with the ultimate protection from out of pocket expenses. Click here to review our Carrier Partners for Hospital Indemnity Plans, Dental, Vision & Hearing, Critical Illness, Cancer Plans, Accidental, and Long-Term Care Insurance.