What is a Field Marketing Organization? (FMO)

A field marketing organization offers many benefits to independent insurance agents and agencies. 

What is a Field Marketing Organization (FMO)?

A field marketing organization (FMO) offers many benefits to independent agents and agencies. FMOs are also commonly called IMOs (independent marketing organizations) and NMOs (national marketing organizations) and vary through the insurance industry, but all have one thing in common: they market, sell, and distribute insurance products.

Most FMOs offer a variety of services and opportunities to the agents and brokers they serve, some of which include:

Dedicated Support: Having a dedicated product/sales consultant makes a big difference when it comes to doing business. Product and sales consultants help you cut out the market research and analytics of what products to offer your clients and why. Additionally, having access to support teams that provide expedited contracting, handling escalated issues such as commission audits and licensing/appointment issues truly comes in handy; keeping you doing what you do best.

Top Tier Products: FMOs offer a range of products perfect for your portfolio, ensuring you remain competitive in your market space. FMOs generally offer agents and brokers with regional and national health plan and insurer options, including brand name and highly ranked plans.

Contracting On Your Time: FMOs typically have a secure online contracting system providing you with an opportunity to contract with multiple carriers with one-click. You can contract on your time and avoid the paper contracting process.

Quoting & Enrollment Tools: FMOs generally provide free access to agents and brokers to a CMS (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services) approved quoting tool. This will enable you to quote Medicare Advantage Insurance Plans (Medicare Part C), Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans (Medigap Policies), and Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plans. If you’re working with a top FMO, they may also provide additional product lines within their quoting tools and portals, including access to supplemental products like dental, vision, and hearing, hospital indemnity, accidental policies, cancer policies, final expense, and ACA health plans.

Competitive Commissions: It’s important to partner with an FMO offering top or full commissions on your sales. Agent Pipeline is one of the few FMOs who does not pay out commissions unless the carrier or insurer requires payment from the FMO. In most cases, carriers pay out commissions directly to the agent or broker.

Open Release Policies: Part of being an independent agent is the beauty of “independence.” It’s important to ask if the FMO has a release policy. Many FMOs may present you with a contract and you become somewhat captive. When you choose an FMO, it’s important to choose an organization offering an open release policy.


What questions should I ask before I choose an FMO?

  • How long has the FMO or IMO been in the insurance business?
  • Do any of your associates do business with this FMO?
  • Do you have a dedicated representative at this FMO?
  • Does this FMO or IMO offer an open release policy?
  • Does this FMO or IMO have a compliance department?
  • Does this FMO or IMO have expedited contracting?
  • Does this FMO or IMO provide all product lines  (i.e., Medicare, ACA Health, Group Health, Life Insurance, Supplemental, Voluntary Worksite, etc.) you work?
  • Does this FMO or IMO help to provide reminders for licensing and appointments?
  • Does this FMO or IMO have open communication through electronic email and phone?
  • Does this FMO or IMO help with commission and production audits?

You should ask questions regarding hours of operations, agent training, marketing assistance and other opportunities. If you are considering an FMO or IMO to assist you, consider looking at Agent Pipeline.

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