WellCare has a Value Based Enrollment (VBE) Payment and Process Change as of 5/3/2022

Beginning 5/3/2022, VBE administrative payments will increase to $125 for each DSNP and CSNP enrollment! Please Note: VBE administrative payments will only be paid on DSNP and CSNP enrollments as of 5/3/2022.

In addition, the Call Me Now and Schedule a Call functionality will no longer be available. You must choose the Agent Completed option and select Submit to receive payment.

Summary of Changes

  • The new administrative payment paid for VBEs completed on DSNP and CSNP enrollments will increase to $125!
  • All payment and process changes will go into effect 5/3/2022
  • VBE will be limited to DSNP and CSNP enrollments only for all legacy Centene and Wellcare plans
  • Agents will now be able to complete HRAs for Legacy DSNP and CSNP Centene plans
  • Ascension Complete and Fidelis VBE processes will remain the same