Voluntary Worksite Benefits

We are pleased to provide extensive Voluntary Worksite portfolio options. Agent Pipeline is superior in regional support with business marketing, prospecting training, easy quoting, and quick case solutions.

Worksite Benefits allow employees to select the plans that are best suited for their own particular needs and fund these benefits using payroll deductions. Agent Pipeline guides you through the process of onboarding your clients and shows you how to explain the enhanced benefit programs to that increase employee retention and directly address economic challenges.

Worksite Voluntary Benefits are a direct financial solution in the ACA World by providing plans such as critical illness, accidental, disability, and wellness programs. You can add extra value with our products that offer “bundle” discounts and multi-carrier options.


If you are already in the group space, or new to this market–let Agent Pipeline guide you down the road of success. Click here to contact the Director of Sales for more information.


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