Introducing the only tool you
need to produce more this AEP!

Medicare Center is designed with you in mind,
offering you all the things you need to succeed.

  • Shop by Doc Function for your MAPD plans
  • Get signatures on SOAs via text, email or upload a PDF
  • Applications can now be signed via text
  • Select your client’s current plan and compare prospective plans
  • Blue Button Integration for building a Medicine Cabinet
  • CRM to house all of the information you need – including setting tasks & reminders
  • Send single quotes or multi-plan comparisons via email to your clients
  • Get your customized PURL to help service you clients on THEIR time

This is only a shortlist of the features available for you this AEP.

Want to know the benefits of this platform and how you can
get instant access when you partner with AP?

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Run Medicare Quotes in MQE.

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