Marketing & Innovation

We make your marketing efforts easy.

Agent Pipeline’s Marketing & Innovation Department focuses on creativity and digital marketing strategy. We strive for excellence and provide agents with one-on-one consultations, customizable marketing pieces, and no-cost tools needed to increase their marketing efforts.

We provide agents with immediate product announcements, industry news, and communication regarding retail opportunities.

Our Marketing & Innovation Team provides assistance with:

  • Best Practices for Email Marketing
  • Email Marketing Campaign Consultations
  • Drip-Marketing Best Practices
  • Creative & Design Assistance
  • Social Media Marketing Strategy Development
  • Website Reviews & Assistance
  • Search Engine Optimization Training
  • Search Engine Optimization Content Plan
  • Lead Generation Techniques
  • Live Training Sessions
  • Customized Marketing Pieces
  • Branding & Reputation Management Guidance
  • Direct Mail Marketing Consultations
  • Exclusive Retail Opportunities
  • T-65 Direct Mail Drops
  • Marketing Program Development
  • Marketing Strategy Design & Consultations
  • Marketing Analytics & Dashboard Development
  • Understanding Lead Scoring & Conversions
  • Technology System Reviews & Guidance

For more information, you can contact our Director of Marketing & Innovation, Jessica Adkins at 1-800-962-4693, ext. 6491 or directly at (304)-755-6491.


Marketing Tools & Technology

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