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We were founded in 1988 with an original focus on Individual Health & Life insurance products. In 2011, following the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, Agent Pipeline created a team focusing their efforts on understanding the ins and outs of Health Care Reform. We are please to share with you some of the great resources to understand how to best take advantage of changes implement by the reform and how to service you clients with repeal proposals and replacement plans. For employer groups and small businesses; we also provide solutions for your clients in need of Group Health Plans and Voluntary Worksite Benefits.

Under the new Administration, many changes have occured with product availability, such as the introduction of new penalty free short-term medical plans and minimum essential coverage (MEC) plans. Agent Pipeline was the first FMO to introduce these products to independent agents and agencies, providing solutions to clients facing high penalties and ACA premiums.

As we continued to expand our division dedicated to the under-age market, we now offer financial solutions focusing on life insurance. Our portfolio of product includes final expense, term life, and universal life.

We also assist with addressing the supplemental needs of your clients to better fill the gaps left behind with rising deductibles and out-of-pocket costs. 

If you are interested in contracting with carriers available in your market, you can click here to begin our online contracting process now. Contract at your convenience, and contract with multiple carriers with one application!

We Are Experts in Life & Health Products

ACA Metal Tier Plans

Short-Term Medical Plans

Minimum Essential Coverage Plans

Group Health Plans

Voluntary Worksite Benefits

Term Life Insurance

Final Expense Insurance

Universal Life Insurance

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