Being an insurance agent who is successful with digital marketing can be difficult. Relying on sporadic social media posts and a static website isn’t going to work anymore. Digital marketing has become the expected avenue for most people to learn about businesses and products, so it’s become more important than ever to develop your strategy in order to bring clients to you.

Moreso than traditional marketing, digital marketing can give you a comprehensive view of your marketing efforts so that you can make changes to your marketing strategy and improve your ROI’s. You can also look at how many people are viewing your content and collect their contact details. In planning your strategy, you should develop and work towards a goal or set of goals.

Effective marketing campaigns use buyer personas to help target a desired audience. Buyer personas represent the people who are most likely to ‘buy’ from you. Insurance agencies can especially benefit from developing and marketing towards buyer personas because most agencies have specific types of people who would be interested in their products.

At the end of the day your content should be designed to move prospects and customers through the sales cycle. Different stages of the sales cycle require different kinds of content. For example, during the Awareness stage you should be using educational content to address pain points, challenges, and any questions they may have and during the Consideration stage content like worksheets, checklists, e-books, and case studies that introduce your marketing message could be used. When a prospect is close to buying, you should focus on content that shows off your expertise, knowledge, and why they should be buying from your agency specifically.

Before launching your campaign, remember to take a multi-channel approach using websites, direct mail, email, social media, and other mediums. You should be consistent with your message and presentation to ensure that brand consistency is maintained across all your channels.

A website may be one of the most important parts to a marketing campaign. Your website is a primary customer touchpoint, and all your campaigns should in some way lead back to your website, so it is fundamental that your website is maintained. Email, social media, and other marketing mediums are excellent ways to reach prospects and can be optimized over time to increase ROI’s, and your agency’s Google My Business page is something you should be sure to claim and add your phone number to.

After you’ve developed and sent out a few marketing campaigns you can focus on your ROI’s more seriously because you now have data to work from. By looking at the types of content that are performing better and which topics are generating more interest you have the ability to tailor your future content to be more interesting to your audience. Understanding your performance is invaluable and is highly necessary to optimize your digital marketing strategy and can be the difference in a well performing campaign and a poorly performing one.

I hope that you feel confident in your ability to create a marketing strategy. Congratulations on the completion of this digital marketing course. You’re ready to begin and design your unique marketing strategy.