As professionals in the insurance industry, we have a duty to make sure our clients are aware of the gaps in coverage they may currently have and provide solutions for those gaps.  There is no reason to be afraid your client may say no.  They very well might.  But if you don’t at least show them, from a financial perspective what they could expect with a cancer diagnosis, and not having this type of coverage, we aren’t doing our job.

Who needs cancer coverage?

This is an easy question – everyone!  If you are wondering who to market to in offering this product, the answer is literally anyone who doesn’t have cancer coverage.

A great place to start is your current clients as well as family and friends Ask for referrals.

Centers of Influence:

  • Churches
  • Community Volunteer groups
  • Senior Centers

You only have a 5-20% chance to sell to a new prospect.  You have a 60% to 70% chance to sell to a current client.  If your clients have opted in for email communication, send them an email letting them know you offer this type of coverage.  If they haven’t opted in, you can always send a letter through the mail.  Include some statistics, like the ones mentioned in this presentation.  Almost everyone has had their lives affected by cancer.  Directly or indirectly.

Every carrier that offers these plans has pre-approved print material on their agent portals – you can customize it with your information.  If you aren’t sure where those items are located, give us a call, a marketer can walk you through the agent portal and their marketing sections.

Build relationships with centers of influence – Drop by and introduce yourself to the administrators and office staff.  Get to know them in your community. Ask them to refer any clients with questions about coverage to you.