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Agent Pipeline is here to help you get beneficiaries to say yes to DVH plans. We have created a DVH guide with prices, so you can show your clients why a DVH plan is in their best interest and budget.

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How to Get Beneficiaries to Say, “Yes!” To Dental, Vision & Hearing Plans

  1. Many insurance agents feel uncomfortable having that conversation about dental, vision, and hearing plans after they’ve asked for a sale from another policy. We’ve had conversations with insurance agents who feel uncertain about the right timing to ask if the prospect had coverage for dental, vision, and hearing.The most important thing insurance agents can do is educate our clients on the ‘why’ of a product. Demonstrate the true value to a beneficiary, and it would be difficult for them to say ‘no.’ Here are a few quick tips to get your beneficiaries to say “Yes!” to dental, vision, and hearing plans. Click here to continue reading.