How do I find the right FMO?

While many FMOs may claim to be “The Best FMO” or “#1 National FMO” or “Top FMO” 
it’s essential to see the value in what they are offering above their flashy headlines.

Independent insurance agents and agencies need help growing their business and retaining their beneficiaries. It’s important to find a field marketing organization (FMO) that provides best-in-class support, free marketing assistance, and lead programs. While many FMOs may claim to be “The Best FMO” or “#1 National FMO” or “Top IMO” – whatever, their tagline – it’s important to see the value in what they are offering above their flashy headlines.

A true FMO will meet and exceed your expectations of service, providing insurance agents value-adds such as:

  • Quoting and enrollment technology
  • Online contracting systems
  • Compliance programs & audit assistance
  • Taking over escalated issues for your beneficiaries
  • Top commission contracts available
  • On-going education and training

The best FMO will never hold you captive, as they are confident in their ability to provide you everything they have promised and will understand that if an opportunity exists elsewhere, it’s imperative for you to seize that said opportunity. The #1 FMO will never treat you as an employee, but build you up as a partner.


What are you looking for in your FMO?


  • Are you a growing agency? Perhaps, you’re looking for an FMO that provides agency building programs. Agent Pipeline’s Agency Building Programs help you understand the basics of recruiting, contract management, digital marketing strategies, and building a compliance program that helps protect your agency as well as your book of business.
  • Are you looking to move into the digital landscape? Our marketing department provides agent and agency partners with guidance on implementing unique marketing strategies targeting their specific niche market. As a true FMO, we provide our agents with no-cost customizable and compliant customer-facing marketing pieces including e-mail marketing, direct mail postcards, flyers, and more. When you choose Agent Pipeline as your FMO, we help you create effective pieces to ensure you maximize your lead generation!
  • Are you looking to expand your portfolio options? Another benefit of a true FMO, they work with multiple product lines successfully. Agent Pipeline provides top products with Medicare, ACA, Life insurance, and other supplemental products to ensure our agents have a complete portfolio product to protect their beneficiaries financial and medical needs.

If you are interested in learning about the best FMO opportunities available, contact Agent Pipeline at 866-562-8318. We have over 30 years of experience in growing the business of independent agents and agencies. As a top Medicare FMO, we also ensure you remain compliant in all that you do – at no cost to you! We believe in the model of a real partnership between agents and FMOs because working together brings the best opportunities for success. You can also click here to learn more now!