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Getting Laser Focused on Cross-Selling DVH for 2021

For most clients, dental, vision, and hearing insurance is essential and should be an essential addition to their Original Medicare Parts A & B coverage. Even if they add a Medicare Supplement plan, those do not offer dental, vision, and hearing coverage either (some carriers do offer the option of riders alongside a Medicare Supplement, though). Many clients, especially those new to Medicare, may not know what exactly is – and isn’t – covered under Original Medicare and Medicare Supplements. As an insurance agent, it is your job to ensure that your clients get all of the coverage they need.

Since you’ll often be selling these dental, vision, and hearing plans alongside Medicare Supplements or to clients who are enrolled in Medicare Supplements – this is something you can set your sights to focus on for all of 2021.

These steps will help you focus on cross-selling dental, vision, and hearing coverage to any client in 2021: Click here to continue reading.