New Allstate
Medicare Supplement
Charter Comes to Arizona!

Have You Seen Allstate’s New Charter in Arizona?

Introducing American Heritage Insurance company! Agents can better serve their clients with these unbelievable rates and take advantage of Allstate’s Bonus program to increase their income potential for the end of the year.

Sell a minimum of 10 policies between 10/1/2022 and 12/31/2022 and get paid on every policy! Bonus up to $200 per underwritten app*!  Click below to find out how the program works!

Check out an example of these new rates (Zip 850):

  • Female – Age 65 – Plan G – $94.87
  • Female – Age 65 – Plan N – $76.00

Get contracted with Allstate today to take advantage of this opportunity to increase your income potential! 

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