The Agent Services Division

We are dedicated to provided best-in-class service to our agents. Our Agent Services Division is responsible for processing agent contracts, assisting with commission and production audits, notifying agents of E&O expirations, license expirations, and reminders to complete your annual certification. 


We are the back office support agents and agencies need from an FMO. We will exceed your expectations with prompt assistance, audits, reporting, and other business functions.

 Our robust agent services structure is what separates us from other FMOs. For assistance with anything related to your contracts, commissions, and production, please contact a member of our Agent Services Divison at 1-800-962-4693.


Account Director Listing

Region 1
Cindy Miller – ext. 6305

Region 2
Alice Jackson
– ext. 6302

Region 3
Kimberly Workman – ext. 6404

Region 4
Sally Dunlap – ext. 6304

Region 5
Rachel Fizer – ext. 6410

Region 6
Jennifer Hyatt – ext. 6499

Region 7 & National Accounts
Naomi Sholock – ext. 6314




Jennifer Dickens – ext. 6701
Director of Agent Services 

Heather Snyder – ext. 6318
Professional Development Coordinator  

Jenny Walkup – ext. 6306
Account Director Manager

Contact one of our Agent Services Team members for assistance with supplies, certifications,
licensing, and more!

Alyssa Hodge – ext. 6495
Anna Cantrell – ext. 6720
Ashley Hyatt – ext. 6490
Christie Ferguson – ext. 6721
Gregory Lutz – ext. 6494
Jennifer Weinrich – ext. 6319
Jessica Jenkins – ext. 6414
Jessyca Toppings – ext. 6455
Kaylie Hyatt – ext. 6476
Marisa Whitney – ext. 6316
Mary Ann Baria – ext. 6419
Melisa Rife – ext. 6317
Pat Curry – ext. 6301
Randall Patterson – ext. 6411

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