Elevate Your Business

Our brand new training platform

for agents & agencies

Launching in April, our new proprietary training platform will help you take our business to the next level

Courses in our training platform will cover 22 pathways in 2022, including:

Selling Dental, Vision & Hearing

Selling Hospital Indemnity

General Cross-Selling

Overcoming Objections

Closing the Sale

Selling Over the Phone

Virtual Selling

Medicare Supplement Sales

Agency Building

How to Ask for Referrals

How to Qualify a Lead

Marketing 101

Soft Skills 101

Selling Cancer, Heart Attack, & Stroke Plans

Selling Dual Special Needs Plans


Call Centers

Digital Marketing 101


Learning to Sell Insurance

Selling Life Insurance

Email Marketing

Buyer Personas/Buyer Journey

Direct Mail

Business Continuity

Agent Recruitment

Medicare Advantage Sales

ACA Sales

Sales 101

Business Automation

Important Investments

Cutting Costs