Who is Agent Pipeline?

Dedicated to Raising the Standards

We are dedicated to raising the overall standards within the insurance industry, as a nationally recognized and award-winning FMO.

Representing Over 200 Companies

We represent over 200 companies with a mission to be the premier provider of all things relative to life, health, and supplemental needs.

Over 31 Years of Experience

Agent Pipeline was founded in 1988 as Integrated Benefits with the goal of being the FMO leader in products, services & solutions.

Family Owned and Operated

We are a privately owned and operated national insurance marketing organization focusing on Medicare, Life and Health insurance products.

There is no other insurance marketing organization equipped with the amount of support and dedication.

 Guided by our relentless focus on core values, we continually strive to implement initiatives required to achieve our vision. In doing this, we deliver excellence in every aspect of our business by meeting or exceeding commitments to the insurance agents, agencies, and carrier partners we serve.

Our purpose is to provide insurance products and services tailored to meet the specific and ever-changing needs, wants, and expectations of our agents and their beneficiaries. We have a market-focused, process-centered robust structure that develops and delivers innovative solutions and consistently outperforms other businesses and FMOs like Agent Pipeline. 

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What We Do

FMO Leader in Products, Services, and Solutions.

We work to be the FMO leader in products, services, and solutions that enable and transform the way our partnered insurance agents and agencies conduct business. Additionally, we deliver the highest value to our agents by providing a representative to handle all their needs including but not limited to: escalated broker & beneficiary issues, dedicated market support, one-on-one training and consultations, marketing support, and technology.

Dedicated Market Managers & Account Directors.

Constructing department that center around the specific needs of agents has given us an opportunity to excel with agent support, adding merit and distinction. We operate under the philosophy that agents are more effective when armed with excellent support teams. Our staff is extremely knowledgeable on all of the companies we represent and the products we offer. They are here to provide you with the highest quality products, top-level commissions, and industry-leading product and agent education training. Our local market experts perform weekly analysis and reviews of specific markets and products to ensure our agents only have the best and most competitive solutions in their portfolio.

Best in Class Support.

When you partner with Agent Pipeline, you are provided with best in class support to handle any back-office issues that may need to be escalated. The Agent Services Division provides immediate updates on license expirations, appointment statuses, assists with the appointment process and provides dedicated account managers and carrier liaisons to ensure your business is running smoothly, efficiently, and compliantly.

Ultimate Tools Necessary.

We supply agents with the ultimate tools necessary to increase marketing efforts, remain compliant, and exceed their goals set forth by their annual marketing plan. Our team of experts assists with the review and development of generic marketing pieces, live training sessions, retail opportunities, website design planning & assistance, marketing strategy planning, and empowerment technology.

How Do I Know if Agent Pipeline is Right for Me?

Agent Pipeline can offer you support with contracting assistance, training & education, empowerment tools, top contracts, compliance assistance & support, and much more.

The only way to truly know if Agent Pipeline is a good fit is to give us a try! We are one of the few FMOs offering an Open Release Policy. This means we’ll never hold your captive and you’re free to move your contracts at any time. Give us an opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to your success.

Let us earn your business and show you the advantage of partnering with Agent Pipeline.


Development for New Agents.

We help new agents by teaching them the basics of the industry by setting a foundation based on ethics, compliance, and quality products.

Support for Experienced Agents.

We provide administrative support, competitive product and market knowledge, education & training, retail opportunities, marketing support, and quality lead programs.

Growth Opportunities for Agencies.

We provide agencies with a hands-on approach to agent support by providing a strategic focus with mimimum time spent manging personnel and admistrative tasks.

Taking You to the Next Level.

We help you develop and maintain a local competitive edge with marketing/sales strategy, we assist with building and promoting your brand.

How It Works

Schedule a Free 1:1

Contact a Regional Market Manager for a no-cost consultation. We’ll take just a few minutes of your time to discuss your current market, product portfolio, and forecast on future opportunities.


Choose a Growth Plan

During our consultation, we’ll review your marketing strategy, compliance program, and determine what techniques may be best to help grow your business and retain more clients.

Reach Your Goals

We can ensure your goals are met when you allow Agent Pipeline’s Agent Services Division to handle all broker & beneficiary issues you may experience. 

Marketing & Innovation Team

Agent Pipeline’s Marketing Team focuses on creativity and innovation. We strive for excellence and provide agents with unique tools needed to increase marketing efforts. We provide agents with immediate product announcements, industry news, and communication regarding retail opportunities, lead programs, and much more.





More Details

We provide agents with best practices on email marketing, email marketing campaign consults, social media marketing strategy development, website reviews and assistance, search engine optimization, lead generation techniques, live training sessions, customized marketing pieces, direct mail marketing consults & design, retail opportunities, T-65 direct mail drops, lead programs, marketing program development, and digital marketing efforts.

Compliance Program Development

Agent Pipeline is the only insurance marketing organization with an industry leading Compliance Department. Our focus on Agent Pipeline’s Code of Compliance & Ethics creates the foundation of our Compliance Program. It guides our agents to make ethical and compliant decisions. We help to provide agents understanding the Medicare Marketing Guidelines, TCPA Rules & Regulations, and much more.





More Details

Our goal is to help each of our agents and agencies conduct business in a compliant manner which not only helps prevent sales allegations but also aids our agency partners in ensuring their blocks of business are protected and, in the event of an audit, they are fully prepared to respond. We also provide dedicated compliant training sessions, audit reviews & assistance, website and marketing piece reviews, pre-approved marketing pieces, and other compliance tools.

Exclusive Agent Opportunities

At Agent Pipeline, you have unlimited income earning potential. When you use the tools we offer, you can take advantage of learning how to easily close more sales, unique cross-selling techniques, lead generation, prospecting, and getting more referrals. We can help you create a stable revenue stream with a focus on retaining your book of business.





More Details

As a truly independent agent, we can help you reach your financial success and ensure you obtain your goals while building out your own business schedule. We know the importance of family-time and the relationships you cherish, that’s why Agent Pipeline helps you maximize your success and minimize your effort. Our robust structure provides you with the back office support you need. Our individuals are highly-trained and mmotivated to ensure your expectations and needs are met to properly care for your beneficiaries.

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