5 Marketing Strategies to Keep Your Agency Top-of-Mind – Birthday/Christmas Postcards Download

Agent Pipeline is here to guide you through marketing strategies that help keep your agency top-of-mind. We have designed and created Birthday/Christmas postcards that you can download to use.

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5 Marketing Strategies to Keep Your Agency Top-of-Mind

You may have seen a decrease in your clients at your agency. You may have customarily gotten clients through social events and community events. It may be time to rethink and rework your agency’s marketing strategy. We have come up with five ways to keep your name at the top of customers’ minds!

  1. Being Social Online –
    We are here to help you get through how to be social online using social media! The social media you will want to focus on the most is Facebook. Tons of people are on Facebook, and so are some of your clients. Creating a Facebook page can help you reach out to others who are… Click here to continue reading.