NAHU Medicare Certification Training

Written by Sarah Lewis

July 22, 2022

NAHU Medicare Certification Training

NAHU stands for National Association of Health Underwriters, an organization representing over 100,000 licensed insurance agents, general insurance agents, brokers, consultants, and more across the United States. Along with advocating on behalf of insurance professionals with legislators, NAHU provides professional development opportunities and training courses to those who work with Medicare beneficiaries and Medicare products.

NAHU offers an alternative to America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) Medicare certification training. But, there are a few things an insurance agent needs to consider when choosing NAHU certification vs. AHIP certification training.

What is NAHU Medicare Certification Training?

NAHU Medicare certification training is an alternative certification to AHIP certification. Just like AHIP, NAHU certification training must be completed annually and is typically released in mid to late June. Since Medicare Advantage (Part C) plans are administered and regulated by the government, there are rules for being able to sell them. These rules protect Medicare beneficiaries and support agents conducting business compliantly.

Remember, certification is required to sell Medicare Advantage (Part C) plans during the Annual Election Period (AEP), as plans and regulations change yearly. Learn more about AHIP certification training here.

NAHU 2023 Medicare Certification Training

After two successful years of Medicare Certification Training, NAHU is offering it again in 2023! The NAHU Medicare, Medicare Advantage, and Compliance Requirements certification training opened on June 22, 2023, and is now available for access.

Insurance Agents and brokers can complete training through the NAHU Online Learning Institute for a $100 fee. Membership is not required to complete Medicare Certification Training through NAHU, but members can access additional resources and savings opportunities. Insurance agents new to NAHU for certification should look at the NAHU Medicare Advantage Certification Training User Guide.

What Should Insurance Agents Consider When choosing NAHU for Medicare Certification Training?

While NAHU acts as an alternative to AHIP and meets The CMS requirements, it is important to note not all carriers accept NAHU certification. Before choosing NAHU over AHIP, insurance agents should ensure the carriers in their portfolio accept NAHU certification training. If you are unsure, check out the list of carriers that accept NAHU’s Medicare, Medicare Advantage, and Compliance Requirements certification training for the 2023 plan year here.

After passing the NAHU certification training, an insurance agent or broker will be presented with a certificate which can be sent to carriers as proof of completion.

Why Would Insurance Agents Choose NAHU Over AHIP for Medicare Certification Training in 2023?

If your carriers accept the NAHU Medicare certification training, it may be in your favor to get their certification through NAHU over AHIP. The cost for NAHU Medicare certification training is lower than AHIP, coming in at $100, a $75 savings. (AHIP’s cost is $175). Additionally, NAHU offers Continuing Education (CE) credits at no cost (for states where Medicare certification CE credits have been approved), a streamlined format, and more.

Visit the NAHU online learning institute to learn more about 2023 NAHU certification training for Medicare product sales. Or if you want to learn more about obtaining your certification through AHIP, click here.

Medicare certification training is only one step in gaining Ready-to-Sell status. Check out Expedition AEP and complete your Survival Training to get your carrier certifications done as early as possible. After completing certifications early and gaining their Ready-to-Sell status, an insurance agent can order supplies for the upcoming selling season. Both new and returning agents will find useful carrier certifications & resources, AHIP discounts, and more! Learn more about what Ready-to-Sell means for an insurance agent and why it’s important here.

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