Are You Ready for AHIP?

Written by Sarah Lewis

June 22, 2022

AHIP is one of the required certifications an agent must complete to sell Medicare Advantage plans. CMS and most insurance companies require licensed insurance agents to complete certification courses before they can compliantly sell their plans. Their goal is to help educate insurance agents on how to work with their prospects and existing clients while protecting their book of business against sales allegations or rapid disenrollments. AHIP was developed with the goal of protecting seniors and rewarding insurance agents who are following the correct business practices. Don’t wait! Get certified as early as possible.

AHIP 2023 Certification Updates

June 20, 2022, marks the start of the 2023 AHIP Medicare training season. However, those planning to take AHIP should learn about the changes made to the Marketing Medicare and Fraud, Waste and Abuse (FWA). Every year AHIP makes changes to their CMS-compliant Medicare and FWA training to ensure insurance agents are aware of any federal legislative or regulatory changes.

AHIP Training Planned Outage

On June 20, 2022, AHIP will launch its 2023 Plan Year Medicare training. The training website will be down from June 16-19 for scheduled maintenance, and it will not be possible for you to download your 2022 Plan Year AHIP certification at that time. Find compliance guides, training, and additional resources here to aid you in completing your AHIP certification.

Why is AHIP Important to insurance agents?

For an insurance agent to sell Medicare Advantage plans during the Annual Enrollment Period (AEP), most insurers will require them to complete AHIP’s Medicare training courses. Doing so will ensure their plans are being sold in accordance with the latest CMS guidelines and regulations.

How Do I Become AHIP Certified?

The 2023 AHIP certification will become available starting June 20, 2022.

In most cases, the certification is made up of two courses: Medicare and Fraud, Waste & Abuse (FWA). The Medicare portion covers eligibility basics and the various types of Medicare Advantage and Part D prescription drug plans. The FWA training covers the efforts and tools used to detect fraud in the industry while outlining the human and financial costs of FWA and how to report appropriately.

Be on the lookout for insurer-specific product certifications in addition to AHIP. (These certifications will also vary from carrier to carrier.) You can complete these certifications through carrier broker portals and it’s best to complete them as soon as possible. When you complete your certifications early, it enables you to order and receive your supplies early and will help you better prepare for AEP.

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AHIP Training Tips

You’ll have to pay a $175 fee for three attempts to take the AHIP certification test; however, many carriers will offer it at a discounted price of $125 if taken through one of their agent portals.

To pass the AHIP you will need a score of 90% or above. There are many self-study courses available you can use to your advantage in getting ready for the test. The test is timed, but there shouldn’t be an issue if you take the proper steps to prepare.

Study Well and Take Notes

Even if you have complete confidence you will pass the AHIP, You should be taking advantage of the training modules and practice tests at your disposal. The test changes from year to year and a refresher course won’t hurt. Taking notes while studying can further cement the information in your memory and help you to develop your own study style. The AHIP is timed but is also open book, meaning it’s a good idea to have personal notes to reference.

Take Advantage of Technology

‘Open book’ doesn’t only refer to old-fashioned paper. You can have other tabs on your computer open for reference while taking the AHIP. Find information quickly by using Ctrl+F to find keywords or jump quickly to the section you need to view.

AHIP Fast Facts

  • The AHIP must be passed by new and current agents annually in order to continue selling.
  • All review questions at the end of the training modules must be answered prior to taking the AHIP. (Your answers will not affect your final score.)
  • You will have 3 attempts to pass the AHIP ( You can re-enroll to get more attempts, however, most carriers will prohibit you from selling their product for that plan year if you have 3 failures.)
  • You can take the AHIP directly through their website or a carrier’s broker portal.
  • The AHIP costs $175 to take in 2023.
  • Carriers may offer up to $50 off the $175 price of the AHIP if you take the test through their broker portal.
  • The AHIP is an open book test.
  • The AHIP is a timed test
  • You will need a score of 90% or higher to pass the AHIP.

Completing your AHIP certification is something you must do to sell MAPD and should be done as early as possible. These resources are here to get you started on your certification journey. If you are looking for more information regarding certification or resources to grow your agency, Agent Pipeline can be your guide. Click here to learn more about how we help insurance agents develop professionally.

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