The Beginners Guide to Setting Up an Insurance Blog

Written by Shelby Hudson

April 13, 2022

Starting a blog is a great way to attract and retain clients for your insurance agency. A consistent blog can drive better results than other marketing efforts with limited time and energy efforts.

The blog can increase your sales and retention, and it also helps you add value to your clients’ lives beyond your usual insurance activities. Creating content that shows you are an active community member can help you become a trusted resource and local thought leader. Although starting a blog might feel a bit intimidating, we have simplified the process for you into a few simple steps.

1.   Set it Up

Do you already have a website for your insurance agency? If so, add a blog through your web design program or web host.

If not, follow these instructions:

Web Host & Domain

This is a platform that will allow you to create, store, and view your website. Some web hosting services offer domain name services to purchase a unique web address for your insurance agency. Some specialty platforms make it easy to create and design your websites, such as Squarespace and WordPress. Pick the one that works best for you, and you’re ready to learn how to start your blog. When it comes to purchasing a domain name, each company should give you clear instructions on how to do so.

Blog Platforms

If your web host doesn’t already have a way for you to “create” your website – you will need to find a web creation platform and connect it to your website. Consider a program with features such as scheduling posts in advance and drag and drop tools.

Choosing a Theme

Stick with your insurance agency’s brand colors & logo with your website’s visual design. Make the website clean and easy to navigate. You can choose a theme or code one from scratch with most platforms. Either option is excellent, as long as you create a theme your clients will love using.

2.   Organize Your Topics

Refer to your calendar when trying to develop topics to write for your insurance blog. Consider national holidays, new products, upcoming legislative changes, etc. Note all of these, and put them on your calendar – this gives you somewhere to start when creating blog posts for your insurance agency.

Brainstorming Ideas

  • Frequently asked questions from clients and prospects
  • Jot ideas down in a notebook when you’re on the go. Your clients can be your best source of ideas and information.
  • Self-reflection – find topics that reflect your goals
  • Reading other insurance blogs

3.   Content Calendar

Thinking about how you will organize the content is crucial to running a successful insurance blog for your agency. There are many ways to create a schedule for your blog, but the most common and accessible is a content calendar. Determine how much time you can consistently dedicate to your blog. Consistency is critical whether you post once a day or once a month. It is best to write at least 16 posts per month if you have the time.

4.   Create Quality Content

Now you are ready to write – here are some easy methods for writing stellar blog posts for your insurance agency:

  • Keep the title 10 words or less
  • One takeaway idea per post
  • Make it easy to skim using headlines and bullet points when needed
  • Use your unique voice. Write as you talk to clients
  • Limit each blog post to one clear call to action at the end, ensuring it relates to the topic and adds value to the reader’s experience
  • Have a consistent average word count (500-1,000 is a good starting point)


Creating this blog for your insurance agency is essential in establishing an online presence. Don’t be afraid to learn as you go, and make changes to your process and content. Also, don’t forget to share your content on your insurance agency’s social media.

To learn more about how you can create and optimize your insurance agency’s blog, call 800.962.4693

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