What Clients Expect of Insurance Agents

Written by Shelby Hudson

March 2, 2022

As an insurance agent, figuring out what exactly clients want from you is hard. All clients have varying personalities, health needs, and financial situations. What one client wants & needs could be different from the next, so there is no strict formula to follow. This may feel defeating sometimes, but do not let it get you down.

Although all clients are different, there are still some expectations people generally have in common. While this does not equal the same product for every client, you can review this list to ensure you are fulfilling the needs of giving each client a positive experience.

According to The Rough Notes Company, clients expect certain things from you that don’t vary from client to client. The survey had clients rank what was most vital to receive from their insurance agent or agency they do business with. Below are the results:

  1. Values in the rates found for the client
  2. Reassurance their needs are being taken care of
  3. Trust in the insurance agent or insurance company
  4. Quick services responses
  5. The insurance agent will “go to bat” for them, meaning that the agent or company will do everything in their power to get the clients the best deal
  6. Personalized attention
  7. Insurance agents or companies can give the client options for coverage
  8. Insurance agent or company is confident and can assure the client they made the best decision
  9. Recommendations of sufficient insurance protection
  10. Insurance agent offers a broad choice of insurance companies/carriers

In summary, your clients want you to provide them with valuable products that they can trust. They want relevant information and timely responses when they have inquiries. They also want to feel as if they are well taken care of and want you to reach out and be attentive to their concerns. Timely and trustworthy service and responses are essential to satisfying prospects and clients.

Clients overall want to feel as if they made the right decision on insurance coverage and as if working with you as their insurance agent helped them get there. Providing high-level and consistent communication and following these tips can help you achieve this for all clients.

For more information on how you can ensure you are providing your clients with the best service and experience possible – along with a wide range of products – contact the experts at Agent Pipeline at 800.962.4693.

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