Tips for Selling Ancillary Products for Insurance Agents

Written by Shelby Hudson

March 28, 2022

As a health insurance agent, one of the easiest things to help your clients is selling ancillary insurance products. Ancillary coverage can help your clients fill in the gaps and supplement their health insurance for services they do not cover, such as dental, vision, accidents, critical illness, etc.

As the insurance agent, it is your job to fact-find and decides what kind of coverage your clients need to fill in the gaps.

Why Ancillary Products Matter for Insurance Agents

Selling ancillary products alongside health insurance improves client retention and adds value to you and your insurance agency. You are no longer only supplying clients with their healthcare coverage but also helping them fill in the gaps with ancillary products. You can become a one-stop-shop for all of their insurance needs, and it gives you a higher chance of retaining clients and receiving referrals.

Ancillary Product Sales Tips

You might be wondering how you can develop your skills and find the easiest way to sell ancillary products to your clients. It is no secret clients are more likely to purchase a plan from an insurance agent they trust. Here are some tips to improve your relationship and trust with your clients.

Know Your Products & Plans

Product research is crucial in being a successful insurance agent, and selling ancillary products is no exception. You must understand every aspect of the products you offer to talk confidently about them; you also need to take the time to understand your client’s needs and how they make decisions. Understanding how clients think can give you insight when building rapport and solving problems.

Building Trust

Make sure it is clear you have their best interests at heart for your clients. Building trust is one of the most critical steps in closing the sale. Make sure you are sincere, ask the right questions, and practice active listening when your client is talking.

Problem Solving

As a good insurance agent, your goal should ultimately be to help your clients solve problems. Don’t focus on selling a product – sell yourself and the products as solutions to their problems.

Be Personable

It is always important to be friendly and sincere when talking to clients and avoid robotic sales pitches. Make sure you’re transparent while tailoring the conversation to solving their problems and meeting their needs.

Overall, selling ancillary products should not be difficult if you have built trusting relationships with your clients. It’s essential to keep in mind every client is different, and you should have a personalized experience with each client. Be confident – you are the expert, and you can solve their problems. Your clients will benefit from the additional coverage and peace of mind, but you will also strengthen your client relationships and build up your business.

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