The Importance of Networking for Insurance Agents

Written by Shelby Hudson

March 10, 2022

Business-to-business networking is an invaluable tool for insurance agents. Networking is an effective way to communicate and build relationships among each other, create partnerships, and potentially expand your insurance agency. However, the pressing question is, what is the best way to network as an insurance agent?

What is Networking?

Networking is all about who you know, and meeting people in the insurance industry is essential to developing strong networking relationships. Just one genuine connection with someone in the insurance industry is exponentially more beneficial than 100 superficial ones. Sharing ideas and listening to each other can aid in creating more authentic relationships rather than those based on business transactions. Treat your networking as if you are trying to become friends with people in the industry – because that is precisely what you are doing.

Offer Help

Always try to help other insurance agents that you have networked with – offer help before asking for it. If you don’t think you can answer their question or solve their problem, refer them to a connection of yours who can. This will help you build trust and strong relationships with other insurance agents; business is not always about competition. If you need help, never be afraid to reach out to your connections; they will be more than happy to help most of the time.

Keep in Touch

Make sure to remember to keep in touch with people you have networked with as well. Communication can do wonders in building solid relationships with those in the insurance industry. A simple email or text message is always a great way to keep in touch and find out how your colleagues are doing and anything you can do to help. In today’s day and age, social media makes networking more accessible than ever.

Attend Events

Attend industry events where you can meet insurance agents who have similar interests, business plans, and ideas as you. These can be conferences, conventions, and the like; they don’t need to be large either; local and community events are just as important. Make sure these events are relevant to the insurance industry, and you will get the opportunity to network with and brainstorm with other members of the industry.


Although networking can seem scary and intimidating, don’t fret. Most insurance agents are experiencing the same nervousness as you. Networking will be a breeze once you get in the groove of talking to new people. Building these relationships with other insurance agents or agencies is an excellent investment of time, as it not only helps your insurance agency but the person you are networking with as well.

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