Developing Web Content

Written by Sarah Lewis

February 28, 2022

Do you struggle with developing web content? Does your website look amazing, but you still aren’t generating leads? Chances are that your content isn’t attracting new customers or prospects. Having well-developed content relating to your insurance agency on your website is the best way to get new customers interested in you and your agency offers. Content is an essential component in generating leads because it increases brand awareness and showcases what you have to offer that your competition doesn’t.

Before developing any content, you need to know your audience. What do your current clients want to know, and what could new customers or prospects benefit from? As their insurance agent, they will go to you in times of need, but why not offer them content that can be just as helpful as you? There are many different directions to go in when it comes to composing content. You can write blog posts, articles, informational videos, advertise on social media, but, generally, it’s best to have a good mix.

To create great content, you must develop a marketing strategy. Start by looking at what you already have and how they are performing. This can inform you of what types of pieces your clients are interested in, what direction to take your future content, and where the gaps are in your content. Organized documentation of your marketing content is essential in giving you a clear picture of where to start when making new content. Developing a marketing strategy and building out content is made easier with teamwork. It’s beneficial to have a team of people working on marketing and developing content for your insurance agency.

What kind of problems your customers and prospects may face? How can you be the solution to their problem? Ideally, your product or service will be the solution to whatever issue they may be facing, but your content will help your audience to actually identify their problem and lead them through it. A mistake often made is that a content piece will focus on what the agency wants to say rather than what the client wants to read. Think about explaining how your services work and how they can entice your targeted clients while also addressing their pain points.

As discussed previously, content takes many different forms. Your insurance agency could determine what content works best by simply conducting a few trials. One day you could send out a blog post, and the next day you could post a video. Which one got more engagement from your audience? The post that received more engagement is the type of content you should put more focus into. It’s not good to post the same kind of content all the time, or it will start to become dull and unappealing to the audience because you’re not showing them anything new. It’s good to mix it up and keep things fresh.

You should also consider what channels you will be posting your content on. Posting on your website is great, but social media marketing is highly effective at getting your customers to click over to your website. For instance, you wrote an article or blog post and had posted it on your website. To get more engagement with that article or blog post, it would be a great idea to post a link to it on your insurance agency’s Facebook page. Doing this is a fantastic way to generate traffic for your website and Facebook page because customers will have the opportunity to see your website updates and posts via Facebook.

It’s imperative to stay consistent and have a set schedule when it comes to managing content. Sporadic posts will often not result in business growth. A way to help keep on track with content is to make content calendars ahead of time and work on them before the specific week or month starts. This will take off the load of stress that comes when creating content on the spot.

Web content is key when it comes to growing your insurance agency. Customers and prospects love to learn about things they aren’t very knowledgeable about, and you can help them!

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