5 Amazing Social Media Tips for Insurance Agents

Written by Shelby Hudson

February 23, 2022

Social media can be an essential player in your insurance agency’s digital marketing strategy. Today, we will cover five tips to help insurance agents step up their social media game – even if you are new to social media.

Start with One Platform

Although it seems tempting to go all-in when starting with social media advertising for your insurance agency, this could result in overwhelm. The best approach for success is starting small and growing a presence on one platform.

Note: If you or someone at your insurance agency is more experienced in social media and feels as if your agency can tackle more than one platform at a time, by all means, go for it.

Use the RITE Formula

The RITE formula is an easy way to assess the quality of the content you are creating for your insurance agency’s social media.





Keeping these qualities in mind while you come up with posts can help you align your thoughts with creating things that clients and prospects will want to see from your insurance agency. It is best practice always to make sure your content includes some, if not all, aspects of the RITE formula.

Utilize Reviews

People trust other people’s opinions, especially regarding health insurance agents. You probably already know how important referrals are and think of good reviews almost as something similar. Its obvious (and expected) that any insurance agent or agency will promote themselves on social media. Many prospects enjoy reading reviews from clients because it helps build trust that they will be working with a trustworthy insurance agent. Almost all social media platforms have some form of review – ensure they are displayed on your insurance agency’s social media so current or potential clients can see what others think of your insurance agency.

Ask Questions

Asking questions on your page is a great way to receive input from clients and prospects. It gives you a way to gauge what your prospects are interested in and a way for you to interact with your social media following. It builds rapport with prospects, makes you feel more personable, and shows that you care about their interests.

Respond & Engage

Make sure that you engage with your social media followers beyond responding to reviews. Take the time to create engaging and meaningful content that shows clients your knowledge and awareness of industry news. Always respond to comments and messages to build trust and relationships with prospects, even with just a simple “Thank you.” You can even create posts to answer common questions you receive from clients or prospects to promote engagement and education.

These few tips will help you immensely along your social media marketing journey. Keep these tips in mind when managing your insurance agency’s social media accounts and creating content to keep your clients and prospects happy.

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