How to Write Great Content for Medicare beneficiaries

Written by Shelby Hudson

November 23, 2021

How to Write Great Content for Medicare beneficiaries

Even in the age of social media, blogging still matters for insurance agents. Having a well-kept blog on your insurance agency’s website with helpful content for Medicare beneficiaries bolsters the integrity of both your business and your brand.

While you definitely should not give up social media, you should focus on creating content for your blog and website (which you can then share on various social media channels).

Not sure where to start? Here are some tips on writing great content for Medicare beneficiaries & growing your online blog.

Q&A Content

What are questions you see clients asking often? What questions do you frequently have to answer during reviews and enrollments? Create blog posts that center around answering these questions, and share them with your clients. Having easily accessible answers to common Medicare questions helps you become a trusted source of information to clients and prospects. Next time someone asks the question online, you can answer & also link back to the respective post on your website.

Myths & Misconceptions

There is no denying that Medicare is confusing and can be challenging to navigate for beneficiaries. There are many myths, misconceptions, and misinformation available about insurance. Use your blog to tackle some of this misinformation with topics such as the misconception that Original Medicare covers prescriptions or that Original Medicare costs the same for everyone. Another good misconception to cover is that someone cannot enroll in Medicare if they have never worked.

Keep Up with Local Events

Promoting local community services and events shows the personal difference of shopping with a local Medicare insurance agent. Take time out of your weeks to attend community events, shop at local businesses, and be sure to share a photo or blurb about your visit on your website and social media.

Be a Good Community Member

Blog and share posts about local initiatives such as voting times & locations, social services, soup kitchens, charities, etc. It is also a good idea to spend some off time volunteering for good causes or take the time to coach a local sports team.

Share News

Share local news that you think would be interesting to the Medicare beneficiaries or information that will be of value to them. You could share these posts with an insurance spin or summarize what information would be useful to them in a “what you need to know” format and link back to the original content.

Introduce Members of Your  Team

You could do a weekly “meet the team” style post as you make your way through your existing employees when you initially start this. This helps your business feel more personable and connected, building trust with the Medicare beneficiaries. Have them share their position, their experience, and some fun facts about themselves. Once you’ve made it through your current team, be sure to feature any new members as they are hired.


The internet is not all work and no play – keep things casual by occasionally sharing staff recipes or pet photos. You can even encourage clients or prospects to submit and share their own to be featured on your website and social media. Interacting during more than sales helps build rapport and trust with your client base, which is crucial.

For more information on how you can be writing the best content for your target market – such as Medicare beneficiaries – contact the professionals at Agent PIpelnie today at 800.962.4693

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