Creating Opportunity out of difficulty during AEP

Written by Sarah Lewis

November 2, 2021

In a forever-changing field like insurance, there are always obstacles in the way of your success. No matter the concerns, if you can overcome your difficulties head-on, it could put you far ahead of your competition. Below we’ve listed some of the most common concerns in the industry and how you can overcome them to stand out.


During AEP, time is your most valuable resource. The window of opportunity is already small during this period, 54 days, so it’s essential to stay organized and begin scheduling your annual reviews as soon as you can on October 1st. Being prepared is critical. If you have all of your contracting and certifications complete before October 15th, you won’t have to waste time doing them in the 54-day window. You may also find your process itself too time-consuming. MedicareCENTER streamlines the enrollment process with its paperless processes. It puts everything in one place and can exponentially save you time.


The developments in technology have affected every industry, and insurance is no different. Some of the biggest competitors will often bring technological tools that put them at an advantage. If you choose to stick with older, more conventional methods, you are likely to see yourself losing out on business because of them. Don’t let yourself become technologically obsolete. Going digital can improve customer satisfaction with automated processes and make it faster for you.

Client Retention

It’s crucial to contact all your clients even if they don’t need to make any changes. It may sound daunting but remember, your clients are someone else’s prospects. This process doesn’t need to be time-consuming on your part either. Even something as simple as a letter asking them to schedule an appointment to review their plan can get your clients thinking about you for their annual review. Making yourself available will also improve client experience and make it less likely to look elsewhere for service.

While these aren’t all the concerns an insurance agent has, remember the process of working through the issue. You aren’t alone in your circumstances, and finding a solution to a widespread problem could be what puts you ahead of the game during AEP.

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