The Behaviors of “Buyer-First” Salespeople

Written by Shelby Hudson

June 16, 2021

The term “buyer-first” has come up frequently recently, not just in the insurance world alone but in sales overall. Understanding what a “buyer-first” mindset is and how to implement one can substantially positively impact your insurance sales and success.

What Is a “Buyer-First” Mindset?

Simply put, having a “buyer-first” mindset means what it says. You genuinely invest the effort to get to know and understand your clients and their situations and ensure their needs are met. Agents who practice a “buyer-first” mindset are more likely to be successful and show their clients that they are genuinely invested in helping them – not just trying to make a sale.

“Buyer-First” Behaviors

Using a survey conducted by LinkedIn Sales Solutions, we have compiled a list of behaviors and strategies to keep in mind when trying to keep a “buyer-first” sales strategy.

  • Providing content and reviews that are accessible
  • Staying engaged with clients after making the sale
  • Being transparent about pricing when helping clients choose plans
  • Providing multiple product options and helping a client find and select one that best meets their needs and budget
  • Offering informational sessions, training, and materials

Principles of a “Buyer-First” Insurance Agent

Let’s cover some principles to follow now that you understand what a “buyer-first” mindset entails.

Learn, then Solve

Selling insurance is all about the client, so it is crucial that you spend time learning and understanding the client’s unique situation and needs. Then, help find them a solution that meets those needs.

Share, Share, Share

Being transparent is one of the other crucial parts of the “buyer-first” mindset. Be ready to answer when clients ask questions – showing you are knowledgeable and transparent builds trust and value in the agent-client relationship. Ensure you have information about products, coverage, and cost available for clients who ask questions and let them know what their plan will – and will not – cover. They will appreciate the transparency and understanding.

Solve – Not Sell

As an insurance agent, you are not just there to sell. Your purpose is to advise them and solve their coverage needs. Help them craft a solution to be enrolled in the best coverage for their health needs and budget.

Show Value

Ensure that your success in closing a sale results from their success of being enrolled in excellent coverage they can afford. If they understand you are genuinely trying to help them, they are more likely to remain loyal clients and come to you with other needs. Showing them the value of working with an insurance agent is essential.

Earn Trust

All of these behaviors and principles were mentioned previously play directly into the trust. One of the main factors in maintaining a “buyer-first” mindset is building trust with clients. When they feel they can trust you, that is the stable foundation every insurance agent needs to have with their clientele.

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