The Basics of a Winning Digital Marketing Plan

Written by Lexi Williams

May 26, 2021

In the digital age, it is nearly impossible to go without some form of a digital marketing strategy. As time moves on, digital marketing will become exponentially more important than ever before. Today we’re going to teach you the building blocks of a winning digital marketing strategy.

Buyer Persona

First, you need to create a buyer persona. Any digital marketing strategy is incomplete without a buyer persona. This is a term used to describe the demographic of your ideal clients. You will find this information through surveying and contacting members of your target market.

Identify Goals and Tools

Without goals, your strategy won’t work. Ensure your goals are measurable, suitable for your agency, and well defined.

Weak Goal – Increase the conversions on websites visitors and create two email marketing campaigns

Strong Goal – Increase web conversions by 15% in the first quarter of 2022, and create two email marketing campaigns: one for referral incentives and ancillary products. Have those go out in January and March.

Now, the progress is measurable.

Focus on Content

High-quality posts and articles are critical to any digital marketing strategy. Blogging creates quality content for your insurance agency’s website and expands your content marketing spectrum. This performs a few essential parts of a digital marketing strategy, such as bringing more website traffic, reinforcing social media presence, positioning against other companies, and ranking the long tail keyword search queries. The more updated and valuable your agency’s blog becomes, the more easily people will find your website through search engines.

Evaluate Existing Channels

Analyze the assets you’re already using, such as your website, social media, blog content, word-of-mouth, Google Adwords, paid ads, and so on. How effective were they, and how can I put them to use next year? It is totally fine if your next digital marketing strategy doesn’t incorporate all of the same parts as last year; however, keep the most effective channels.

Automated Marketing

Automation in marketing is vast, and it’s only getting bigger. Today, automation platforms can do absolute wonders for your digital marketing strategy and make automating email marketing, lead gen, and more accessible than ever. Its also easy to find automation platforms that can integrate with your insurance agency’s CRM, improving the whole sales process.

Mobile Optimization

It is now a mobile-first era. There is no reason not to have a website with an excellent mobile user experience. Mobile optimization means page speed, site design, and other optimization practices to ensure mobile users can see your site.

Be Easy to Contact

Online marketing and business are all about connection for insurance agencies. Traffic on the site should be high to secure positive outcomes. Your strategy should ensure that leads and visitors can easily connect with and contact you from the website. Ensure landing pages only ask for relevant information and that call to action (CTA) buttons are always clearly visible on any page.

The Right Technology

If you are not using effective technology, your marketing efforts could be wasted. To make sure your digital marketing strategy is working to the fullest, make sure you have marketing automation software. You have endless options, and you have tools that can help you during every step of the marketing process – even ones that track goals or where your visitors come from to your website.

Stand Out

Make sure your insurance agency stands out from the competition. Figure out what makes your clients come to your agency rather than another. Figure out your unique selling position – every insurance agency has one – and start incorporating it into your marketing strategy.

Track Your Process

Always monitor your progress to ensure that your marketing strategy is working effectively. This helps you see what is working, what isn’t, and how to stay on track!

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