5 Phone Features Every Efficient Insurance Agency Needs

Written by Lexi Williams

May 19, 2021

Do you feel like you are losing business due to outdated phone technology or stuck in the past because your phone tech is not easily managed or updated? If your phone system doesn’t have any business-relationship or efficiency-building features, you could be losing business due to your phone system capabilities.

Virtual Receptionist Capabilities

People want to feel like they can trust their agent and have a close relationship with their insurance agent. A virtual receptionist will make your insurance agency sound professional, even if it’s just you or a small agency. This feature is crucial in creating a positive impression by connecting your callers in a manner that is personal and professional. It’s the first thing they will hear when they give you a call – and first impressions count!

Advanced Routing

You can maximize your utilization of the last option for other things, including routing calls to the proper insurance agents or employees. Connecting callers to the claims department, a new client to an onboarding specialist, or a prospect to an agent will increase your productivity and make a much better customer experience for the caller.

Do Business Where You Work

Selling insurance is personal – get a phone that follows you wherever you go and keeps you connected. If you travel around or have different offices, ensure your phone system can follow you wherever you are. There are options such as Ooma Office that offer free forwarding options to mobile phones; that way, your cell phone, and office phone will both ring at the same time. This also alleviates the need for you to give out personal numbers and keeps a better work-life balance.

Easy Setup

If you’re like most insurance agencies, you probably don’t have a significant IT department on site. So, make sure you get an easy-to-use and intuitive phone system that is easy to set up. You don’t want something complicated – if it takes more than 10 minutes to set up, try something else. Once you’ve plugged in, setting up features such as greetings, call routing, voicemail, etc., should be a piece of cake. Make sure to shop around and ensure from sales reps that setup is super easy.

Be Easy on the Budget

Phone systems can span a wide range of costs. Look for options that have the above features but are still affordable. The cost typically runs between $19 – $50 monthly. Sometimes a higher price will mean more features, but some options provide all of the features for a much lower price. Be wary of companies that lock you into contracts – check their pricing model upfront to make sure what you’re paying will match your phone bill each month.

Now that you’re well informed, it’s time to ditch that old phone provider and get an upgrade! For more help choosing a phone system – give Agent Pipeline a call today at 800.962.4693!

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