What It’s Like to Be Female in Insurance

Written by Lexi Williams

April 21, 2021

Although the insurance industry has been typically male dominated, this is changing. When women thrive, their businesses thrive. Choosing a career as an insurance agent is a win for both the agency and for the insurance agent herself. There is a massive opportunity for women to carve their place in the insurance market.

For years women have been underserved in the financial world, both as clients and as advisors. The gender gap for coverage is closing, albeit slowly. Women are demanding more financial education and planning services. As a woman, you have a unique opportunity to help other women plan their futures and improve their quality of life with your insurance products. In terms of sales, you have a target market to educate on options they may not know exist.

Besides having a built-in target market, you are doing a job that has significant meaning to those you serve. In the Medicare market, thousands of people each year need help to choose the health coverage that will best impact their quality of life. These decisions you help them make will have an impact on both them and their families. This expertise you have is invaluable to your clients – you will become a resource when they need support.

As an independent insurance agent, you can earn money without fearing unequal pay consistently. For example, Medicare Advantage plans have commissions federally regulated, guaranteeing you equal commissions for sales. This eliminates any wage gaps that could be due to gender discrimination. Being able to set your salary is one of the biggest perks of being an insurance agent.

Many female insurance agents love the ability to set their schedule year-round that being an insurance agent provides. This leaves the opportunities to set their days and hours around their familial or any other obligations they may have. The only things dictating your schedule are your lifestyle needs, sales goals, etc. There is so much freedom to be had in becoming an insurance agent. No two days have to be the same!

There is no glass ceiling, either for independent female insurance agents. Being your boss allows you to have continual career growth and potential with no discrimination based on gender. From your initial time as an independent agent, you can build out your insurance agency and become a successful agency in your market. By doing this, you can also mentor other young women who may want to become insurance agents.

Not only does the industry need diversity to survive, but there are also bountiful opportunities for women in the insurance industry. Ready to start your new career? Contact Agent Pipeline today – we can help you get started!

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