10 Insurance Agent Resources for You in 2021

Written by Lexi Williams

April 12, 2021

  1. Free Greeting Card Downloads for Clients
    It’s always important to let clients know that you care (and it is one of the keys to retention). Download these free birthday and holiday greeting cards that you can easily print and mail to your current book of business to let them know you care. Click to download now.
  2. A Guide to Creating a Facebook Page for Your Insurance Agency.
    Social media has become increasingly more important for insurance agent in their marketing strategy. Agent Pipeline has created a guide to help you create and set up a Facebook page – effectively. Even if you have one, use this download to ensure you have followed all the steps to take your Facebook page to the next level.
  3. A Prospecting 101 Guide
    Any insurance agent knows that prospecting is important – but can be difficult. Click here to download our Prospecting 101 Guide to help you build your book of business in 2021.
  4. A Medicare Supplement Comparison Chart
    Many people are visual learners and might want to know the difference between all of the Medicare Supplement letter plan options available. Agent Pipeline has put together this handy comparison chart that you can give to your clients to help better explain this to them. Click here to download now.
  5. A Downloadable Needs Analysis
    The best way to evaluate a client’s needs to do a needs analysis. This can be a little difficult to do off hand – but Agent Pipeline has created a download that you can print or fill in virtually. Click to download and make finding your clients’ needs easier than ever.
  6. A Guide to Google Analytics
    If you are doing any sort of digital marketing and have a website (which, as an insurance agency in 2021, you should), you will want to set up Google Analytics. It is an awesome tool to help you gather data from your website and understand how well your marketing plan is working. Click here to learn more and download.
  7. A DVH Cost-Saving Guide
    Enrolling in dental, vision, and hearing coverage can alleviate tons of potential out-of-pocket costs for your clients – especially Medicare clients. Help them understand just how much they will save with our handy DVH cost-saving guide. Click here to download today!
  8. A Guide to Overcoming Objections
    Encountering objections are inevitable, but remember, objections are opportunities, and how you handle them will make all the difference. Download our free guide to overcoming objections and feel more comfortable combatting uncertain clients.
  9. Direct Mail Pieces for Medicare Agents
    Direct mail marketing is not dead! Agent Pipeline’s top-notch marketing team has created some pre-approved direct mail marketing pieces for you to download, print, and mail out to prospects and clients. Click here to download today! 
  10. On-demand Webinars
    Last, but not least webinars are a great way to learn new information about products, sales strategies, marketing, or anything you might want to know. If you are busy, you might not have the time to watch webinars when they are scheduled. Don’t worry – Agent Pipeline has many on demand webinars for you to watch at your disposal. Below we have listed some of our best on-demand webinars

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