How Do I Market Myself as a Medicare Agent After AEP?

Written by Lexi Williams

March 15, 2021

Tips on selling Medicare plans year-round.

Many insurance agents believe the only time they can sell Medicare health plans is during the AEP. However, selling Medicare is something that you can do year-round! Baby Boomers who are aging at rapid rates creates an opportunity for insurance agents to enroll Medicare beneficiaries throughout the year.

A common question we hear from insurance agents, “How do I market myself as a Medicare agent after AEP?” Preparation for AEP and marketing during AEP is strict and requires referencing the CMS Medicare Communication & Marketing Guidelines, however, there is also the convenience of referencing a timely campaign, the one time of the year beneficiaries can make changes to their plans!

But how do insurance agents market themselves after AEP?

Refining your audience is key. Newly eligible, or often turning 65 beneficiaries, and low-income individuals who qualify for a dual special needs plan (D-SNPs) are the audience you will target throughout the year, and outside of AEP.

Tip #1: Make sure all of your social media accounts have the correct information.

When people are searching for local Medicare agents, you want to top the search results pages. The number one problem why you may not be appearing in the top of the search results page is because your information is not consistent.

The first thing you should do is make sure all of your social media accounts have the correct phone number, email address, and website address. If any of the information is incorrect, Google will recognize the information could be missing and lower your ‘spot’ on the SERPs.

Tip #2: Utilize direct mail marketing

Using a direct mail marketing campaign is a great way to connect with prospects! Direct mail is one of the most common lead sources used by successful Medicare insurance agents. Once you’ve landed on a vendor to use, pick your territory (or market) and buy your list from a T-65 lead database. We highly recommend checking with your marketer at Agent Pipeline to get a list of preferred vendors so that you can get a discounted rate on your next mail drop!

Tip #3: Leverage grassroots marketing

Grassroots marketing is impactful when it comes to your target audience. COVID makes in-person networking and true grassroots marketing a bit more tricky; however, there is still opportunity for you to connect with your community! Consider participating in community service activities such as sponsoring local little league teams, handing out branded hand sanitizers, pens, and other materials. Dropping by a local community center is another wonderful way to connect and do something as simple as volunteer!

Agent Pipeline helps support you by providing a listing of local providers available in the carrier’s network. We help you create relationships with those providers in the network and

It may seem like marketing outside of AEP can be overwhelming; but there are multiple opportunities for you to connect beneficiaries in your market and ensure you are the known as the source for all things related to Medicare.

If you need additional support, please don’t hesitate to contact Agent Pipeline for additional information and support on how to market yourself as a Medicare insurance agent outside of the AEP.


Medicare Direct Mail Pieces You Can Print

Agent Pipeline is here to help you market yourself as a medicare agent. We have created direct mail pieces that you can print and mail out. Click here to find out how you can gain access to the Medicare direct mail pieces that you can print!

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