7 Social Media Posts to Improve Your Performance

Written by Lexi Williams

March 17, 2021

Is your insurance agency’s social media page struggling to attract followers or interactions? Here are 7 social media posts to improve your insurance agency’s social media page performance!

1. Employee profile or highlight

People want to see who they’re doing business with and connecting on a person/human level is key to developing trust! Humans are social beings and that’s why social media is so impactful when it comes to marketing your insurance agency. People are on social media connecting, looking at pictures, learning about what other people think and feel. So, what other way to connect with your clients and prospects? Share photos and fun facts about your team to build connections with your customers and others who see your posts.

The personal connection is what sets independent agents apart, and this type of post reinforces this competitive advantage. Additionally, it’s a great way to get your employee highlight shared through a natural network of friends and family members of your staff.

2. Share client testimonials

This marketing tip has been around for decades! Most insurance agents know to include client testimonials on their website or on direct mail pieces. It’s a given we ask our clients to go to Google or Facebook and give us a rating or leave a testimonial. However, client testimonials are beneficial for several different reasons – not just so when customers search for your insurance agency, nice reviews show up on your claimed Google page! Client testimonials for your insurance agency also improve staff morale by reaffirming their work matters. Client testimonials improve customer loyalty because the action of providing positive feedback makes the customer feel even better about the service your insurance agency provides. And, if you share the testimonial publicly and thank the client, you can both demonstrate appreciation and share what you do well with other clients and prospects.

Pro Tip: Contact your marketer to learn about how you can make client testimonials pop visually on social media with some of the tools we offer our agents.

Compliance Check: Only share testimonials from customers that have given you permission to share their name publicly.

3. Short educational video

According to Oberlo, 54% of consumers want to see more video content from a brand or business they support. Insurance is complex and can be overwhelming to our clients, and video is a great way to explain topics in a short, fun way. You can do a video on certain coverages, helpful tips, or answer commonly asked questions.

UnitedHealthcare did a great job on short explainer videos regarding Medicare health plan options. Click here to check out their YouTube channel and get great ideas of how to entertain and educate your clients at the same time.

Some insurance agents overthink it. These videos do not require expensive equipment or a dedicated room with perfect lighting! All you need is a phone, your topic, and your personality. A little humor helps too. If you’re feeling a bit more tech savvy and would like to see what other options are available with technology, contact Agent Pipeline now to get help with scripts, templates and other opportunities we have to help you with short educational video content.

4. Share your blog posts

If you’re posting your writing content and posting the information on your insurance agency’s website, you are likely already sharing that on your social media page. However, try this: the week before a new blog post goes live, post about the topic to tease the blog and increase interest. If the blog post is “10 questions to ask before your first Welcome to Medicare appointment,” you could post one of the questions to get your network’s attention. A few weeks after the post goes live, don’t be afraid to share the link again! Chances are many of your followers didn’t see it the first time and if it’s something important to the viewer – they will share in their network. This type of post is the new “word of mouth” marketing in a virtual way!

5. Sharing information that matters

Take smaller pieces of the blog such as images, statistics, quotes, or video and share them separately in bite size posts! This is a great way to get more bang for your buck out of the time you spend writing articles or blog posts for your insurance agency’s website. Also, let’s face it: people have short attention spans so shorter posts tend to perform better than long paragraphs. A fact or statistic is a great way to educate and inform your clients on a particular insurance topic or coverage. You can do this through an image or even just a plain text-based post. These are quick, straightforward and easily digestible.

Need help? Don’t be afraid to connect with your marketer for tips on topics, facts, or sources for your informational posts. It’s also important to remember the CMS Medicare Communications and Marketing Guidelines (MCMGs) when it comes to sharing information directly relating to plans.

6. Behind the scenes footage

If your insurance agency is looking for a fun way to connect with your customers and prospects, give them a look at the day-to-day operations of the business – then consider a “behind the scenes” post. Video like this allows you to demonstrate your insurance agency’s culture and atmosphere of the office. It’s also a great way to offer a nice break from your more insurance-focused posts.

Think about ways to make your insurance agency seem fun and exciting – give people a reason to watch and say, “Wow. They’re so cool!”

Here are some examples of things you can do in your insurance agency to video:

  • Bring your pet to work day
  • Start a morning coffee ritual
  • Fun Fridays with activities for staff
  • Family day at work (film kids or grandkids around the office)

Think outside the box because it makes for fun videos that get watched and shared in your network!

7. Highlight a community athlete/star student

It’s no doubt your clients have children or grandchildren they talk about. Have they told you about their grandson who is the star quarterback? Maybe their daughter just got accepted to the local University? Many of your clients or followers have children in their lives who are making a difference in the community or leading local sports teams to victory. Highlighting their achievements engages your client and their network as well as others in your area who may not be aware of the student’s contributions.

To get suggestions, ask your network to recommend student leaders. Always make sure to get the parent’s permission before posting about a student. You could even do a student interview with the parent’s permission. This is a great way to get your posts viewed and shared, then re-shared again!

For more tips on utilizing social media and types of posts your insurance agency needs to use contact Agent Pipeline for a free consultation. Give us a call at 800-962-4693 today!


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