How to Use Cross-Selling to Grow Your Medicare Business

Written by Lexi Williams

February 24, 2021

When a potential client comes to you requesting a quote on a particular product, they might not be thinking of all their possible coverage needs and options – but you do. By offering clients multiple products and helping them understand how to get the fullest coverage, you will build trust – along with commissions. Four main tips will up your cross-selling game.

Be knowledgeable about all of your products.

This seems like a no-brainer – but keep in mind, it is easier to sell a product that you fully understand. Even if you are not always trying to cross-sell, be ready for questions about products like hospital indemnity coverage, life insurance, cancer plans, or any other ancillary plan. The more significant products you have in your portfolio, the more you can offer your clients, and the more commissions you can earn. When getting contracted to sell a new product, always take the time to understand what they offer and how they can relate to clients’ needs.

Be able to understand clients’ needs.

To help your client to the best of your ability – you need to be able to understand their needs. Then, you will offer them products they could benefit from – and are more likely to purchase. It is vital to take the time to build trust and rapport with a client instead of just going for the sale. Listen to their story, pick up on details, and take the time to find and offer plans that meet their needs – and fit their budget. Being a trustworthy agent that they can go to for multiple needs is a sure-fire way to get clients’ referrals. If they feel like they can trust and rely on you – they will let their friends and family know. Knowing how and when to offer which products are critical in this process.

Create a plan.

This is not a situation where winging it is the best option – take some time to plan. Go through your book of business and consider which clients may be a good fit when you become contracted with new products. Have a well-planned strategy for how you want to pitch certain products – think about which products and carriers you want to offer a client before the appointment. Understand and convey how each of these products relates to each other and how they can meet that individual client’s needs and budget. Do not go in without practice; take some time to practice sales pitches and even try them to get feedback on other insurance agents.

Show clients that you care.

The best way to get a client to trust you enough to purchase a second product is to do a good job selling the first one. If your clients are aware that you care about their needs and aren’t just trying to sell them a product to make money, they will be more open to hearing about what else you offer. Therefore you must always offer clients coverage and benefits that will meet or exceed their needs and expectations. Show them you’re willing to put in the extra effort to find plans that truly match their needs. Help them understand how their policies will work in real-life scenarios or even help them set up their first doctor’s appointment under a new policy. Be there to answer any questions, always give a full explanation, and help file any claims.

Selling insurance is not just selling a product – you are selling solutions to problems. The better you become at solving individual clients’ problems, the more likely they will come back for your help with their next problem. Keep these tips in mind, and you will be able to grow your Medicare business in 2021 using cross-selling. If you want to get started cross-selling today, contact your Regional Market Manager at Agent Pipeline or call us at 800-962-4693.


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