How to Get Beneficiaries to Say, “Yes!” To Dental, Vision & Hearing Plans

Written by Lexi Williams

February 8, 2021

Many insurance agents feel uncomfortable having that conversation about dental, vision, and hearing plans after they’ve asked for a sale from another policy. We’ve had conversations with insurance agents who feel uncertain about the right timing to ask if the prospect had coverage for dental, vision, and hearing.

The most important thing insurance agents can do is educate our clients on the ‘why’ of a product. Demonstrate the true value to a beneficiary, and it would be difficult for them to say ‘no.’ Here are a few quick tips to get your beneficiaries to say “Yes!” to dental, vision, and hearing plans.

Dentures, Hearing Aids, Eyeglasses, Preventative Dental & Vision Screenings
are Not Covered by Medicare

Many clients do not realize that Original Medicare is not an all-inclusive health insurance plan. It’s imperative to ensure our clients are covered, we educate them and make recommendations regarding filling in the gaps.

For example, if we know the client wears glasses, it’s important to have a discussion and dollarize the cost of eyeglasses, routine examinations, and the cost of care after cataract surgery. We recommend downloading this friendly dental, vision, and hearing cost reference guide we’ve created to help show the tangible costs vs. Savings of enrolling in a dental, vision, and hearing plan.

Having a quick reference that you can review, or leave behind if necessary, is helpful! For example, being able to show the following information to your client can help them see spending $14 is worth saving over $2,000 on a filing.

The tangible evidence is hard to ignore:

Average Cost of Dental Services

  • Average cost of dentures: $1,275 – $2,750 for upper or lower (not both)
  • Cast-metal partial dentures: $950 – $1,900 for upper or lower (not both)
  • Average dental visit (includes exam, x-rays & cleaning): $288
  • Basic Fillings cost
    • $50 – $150 = single, silver filling
    • $90 – $250 = single, tooth-colored composite filling
    • $250 – $4,500 = single, cast-gold or porcelain filling
  • Extraction cost
    • Non-surgical without anesthesia = $75 – $300
    • Surgical without anesthesia = $150 – $650
    • Wisdom tooth removal = $75 – $200
    • Impacted teeth – Up to $600
  • Crowns average from $328 for the single resin to $775 per single full cast
  • Root Canal – average of $120 for single exposed root removal

When they pay a small monthly fee for dental insurance, the coverage could help with:

  • 100% of costs of annual routine care
  • 80% of costs for fillings, basic procedures, and root canals
  • 50% of costs for bridges, crowns, and other major procedures

Vision can have the same impact financially on someone’s savings account – especially if they’re on a budget! Breaking down the average costs of an eye exam without insurance coverage could make someone choose between their power bill and the eye exam.

  • Average cost of eye exam: $171 – $200
  • Refractive vision tests: $46
  • Average total cost of glasses: $321 (single lenses/basic: $113)

Vision insurance can typically cover:

  • Corrective lenses (glasses & contacts)
  • Routine exams
  • Costs of eye surgery
  • Eye diseases (e.g., diabetic retinopathy, retinal detachment, cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration)

When it comes to hearing, the average Cost of Hearing Services without insurance can put a damper on someone’s savings as well.

  • Average cost of a single hearing aid: $2,300
  • Average total costs can be up to $6,000
  • Average lifespan of a hearing aid is 3 – 7 years.

When it comes to getting your beneficiaries to say “Yes!” to dental, vision, and hearing insurance – there is nothing that works better than a visual illustration. This is how you can ensure they see the cost-savings and the potential out-of-pocket expenses.

For more information on marketing dental, vision, and hearing plans – please contact your marketer. We offer a variety of plan options from national name brands. Click here to learn about our products to help expand your portfolio and to get your beneficiaries to say “Yes!” to dental, vision, and hearing.

Dental, Vision & Hearing Guide with Prices Download

Agent Pipeline is here to help you get beneficiaries to say yes to DVH plans. We have created a DVH guide with prices, so you can show your clients why a DVH plan is in their best interest and budget. Click here to find out how you can gain access to the Dental, Vision & Hearing Guide with Prices Download!

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