5 Marketing Strategies to Keep Your Agency Top-of-Mind

Written by Lexi Williams

February 3, 2021

You may have seen a decrease in your clients at your agency. You may have customarily gotten clients through social events and community events. It may be time to rethink and rework your agency’s marketing strategy. We have come up with five ways to keep your name at the top of customers’ minds!

  1. Being Social Online
    We are here to help you get through how to be social online using social media! The social media you will want to focus on the most is Facebook. Tons of people are on Facebook, and so are some of your clients. Creating a Facebook page can help you reach out to others who are looking for insurance. You can put your agency name out there, and this will help boost your brand. We have social media tips for agencies and insurance agents.
  2. Connect to Your Clients Personally
    One of the best ways to keep your agency in your clients’ minds is by connecting with them through your brand. You can emotionally and inspire your clients using your brand, which helps connect you with your clients. When you can resonate with a brand’s message, the top of mind awareness is amplified. Here is an example of what you could say to help connect with your clients. Instead of saying to your clients, “I provide these services.” Tell them why offering these services mean so much to your agency. Click here to learn some tips when marketing to baby boomers.
  3. Being Consistent with Your Brand
    Do you find yourself struggling to be consistent with your brand? You may think that being inconsistent has nothing to do with why your brand is struggling. However, it is essential for your brand because it helps build trust with your followers. Let’s say, for example, that your brand is “My business is like my family.” You would need to be consistent with this throughout your content, social media, and conversations to relay this message to your clients continuously. A great way you can stay consistent with your brand is to develop a marketing strategy. Click here to learn how to develop a marketing strategy for 2021.
  4. Sending A Token of Appreciation
    Loyalty and business are essential to insurance agencies, and insurance customers like to know how much you appreciate them for this. You can send a token of appreciation with a personalized note stating how grateful you are to have them as a client. Setting up an anniversary gift for clients that have been with your insurance agency for several years is a great way to celebrate the client’s loyalty. The anniversary gifts can have milestones five or ten years with your agency includes different packages.The gift should coordinate with the season you are sending it. For example, you could send Koozies for the warmer months. They are great for the pool, picnics, and other summer activities. During the holiday season, think about sending gifts that are traditional to the season, like ornaments. It is vital to keep your clients in mind by choosing what they would value the most; then again, everyone can use basics like hand sanitizer or lip balm. The sincerity behind the gift is what will make the most significant difference because it will remind your customers why they choose your insurance company in the first place.
  5. Following Up with Your Clients
    When you follow up with your clients, check-in on your clients personally and business-wise, people like to know that the business that they work with cares about them. Is it time to ask yourself have you done everything you can to follow up with your clients? Or are you waiting until you have enough time to nurture those relationships? Stop waiting around for enough time and block out an hour or two out of your day to follow up. You can complete six months of work while engaging with prospects and clients every step of the way. Develop a rhythmic time to engage with your clients, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and/or yearly. Get in touch with these strategies, such as an email saying hello or sending a holiday card. For many agencies, the number of times they connected with a client helped strengthen their relationship. The stronger the relationship, the less likely a client is to leave. Think about it: Are you more likely to leave a vendor if it engages with you regularly or if it only engages with you when your bill is past due?

Agent Pipeline is always here to help your insurance agency grow beyond its limitations. Click here to check out other content to help your business. We will continue to inform you of other ways to help your insurance agency grow. Contact your Regional Market Manager at Agent Pipeline or call 800-962-4693 today!

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