Getting Laser Focused on Cross-Selling DVH for 2021

Written by Lexi Williams

January 27, 2021

For most clients, dental, vision, and hearing insurance is essential and should be an essential addition to their Original Medicare Parts A & B coverage. Even if they add a Medicare Supplement plan, those do not offer dental, vision, and hearing coverage either (some carriers do offer the option of riders alongside a Medicare Supplement, though). Many clients, especially those new to Medicare, may not know what exactly is – and isn’t – covered under Original Medicare and Medicare Supplements. As an insurance agent, it is your job to ensure that your clients get all of the coverage they need.

Since you’ll often be selling these dental, vision, and hearing plans alongside Medicare Supplements or to clients who are enrolled in Medicare Supplements – this is something you can set your sights to focus on for all of 2021.

These steps will help you focus on cross-selling dental, vision, and hearing coverage to any client in 2021:

  1. Introduce the Coverage to the Conversation

    You cannot sell them things they don’t know about – so find a way to talk about dental, vision, and hearing coverage with your clients. A simple question or conversation could open up the possibility of discovering one or more new coverage needs that clients may not have thought to mention otherwise. One excellent time to do this is when following up with your Medicare clients. Ask them questions such as “Do you regularly visit the eye doctor or the dentist? Do you have coverage to help pay for those types of visits? Who do you have your dental/vision insurance with?”If you notice a client wearing glasses or a hearing aid, you can try a simple approach like, “I noticed that you wear glasses. May I ask if you have coverage to cover the cost to replace those when needed, or do you plan on paying out of pocket?”

  2. See if They Already Have DVH Coverage

    If you don’t already know – find out what type of coverage your client has and which carrier they are with – if any.If they are – the opportunity is not lost – ensure that they are enrolled in the best plan that suits their medical needs and budget. Let them know that you want to make sure they are getting the plan with the best price and best benefits that fit their personal needs. New plans are always releasing, and the insurance industry is very fluid – it is likely they may be enrolled in a plan they have had for years and that there are, in fact, better options available. Asking about this also opens the opportunity to make sure that clients do not assume they have coverage that they do not have. As we said earlier, many beneficiaries are not aware that Original Medicare and Medicare Supplements plans do not offer routine DVH services coverage. Many Medicare beneficiaries could very much benefit from purchasing additional DVH coverage without realizing it.

  3. Explain the Value of Having Good DVH Coverage

    Sometimes, clients will not see your pitch as positively as you intend it as first. Explain to them that, although this may result in another monthly premium or two, the coverage is very much worth it in the long run.Let them know that DVH coverage is essential for maintaining healthy teeth, eyes, and ears, linked to good overall health. Let them know that purchasing DVH coverage can be more budget-friendly in the long run by going over the costs of standard DVH services out of pocket. Give them a rundown of some of the expected DVH benefits, such as:

    • Coverage for routine dental services and supplies
    • Coverage for routine eye and hearing exams as well as treatment
    • Network savings for reduced services fees
    • Freedom to choose any provider
    • A calendar year maximum out of pocket benefit

    Guarantee issue DVH plans require no underwriting – which is a massive deal to some clients.

Make 2021 your best year yet, and get started cross-selling DVH plans to your Medicare clients today. The opportunity is abundant – and gives your clients peace of mind and security in their health. If you want to talk more about getting started selling DVH plans, click here or contact your Regional Market Manager today.

Getting Laser Focused on Cross-Selling DVH Social Media Posts

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