5 Tips When Marketing Your Insurance Agency to Baby Boomers

Written by Lexi Williams

January 21, 2021

It’s hard to believe there are over 76 million people who fall into the Baby Boomer generation. It is a unique generation filled with Medicare eligible who want to get the most they can out of every tire and some of whom refuse to retire quietly (though the pandemic did force many into retirement.)

Contrary to popular insurance agent belief, marketing to Baby Boomers does not only include sending direct mail pieces! Baby Boomers, who are becoming Medicare eligible every day, are highly-engaged and an active audience who spends a lot of time online – in fact, according to Adshark Marketing, they make 20% more online purchases than Millennials. Additionally, 68% of Baby Boomers own smart phones and Facebook use has grown fastest among this generation since 2012.

Fun fact: While 68% of the Boomer population owns a smartphone, they are more likely to be accessing the internet using a desktop, laptop, or tablet.

Baby Boomers have a different approach to shopping.
Insurance agencies should understand that Baby Boomers are more financially stable with more disposable income. Boomers also prefer Facebook over other social media platforms and about half of them watch videos online!

With that said, they are online shopping more than Millennials! Though, they do not understand retargeting advertisements and feel it is an invasion of privacy, there are many other marketing opportunities for you when it comes to marketing your insurance agency to Baby Boomers.

Avoid slang and insurance industry jargon.
Insurance terminology and acronyms become part of an insurance agent’s daily vocabulary. However, when it comes to connecting to Baby Boomers, it’s best to stay away from slang or abbreviations that might be confusing. Insurance is confusing enough, and they appreciate the gesture of simplification. Otherwise, the insurance industry jargon becomes frustration, and they will throw their hands in the air with annoyance. Do not forget to use proper grammar and spell things out clearly!

Make your insurance agency’s website mobile responsive.
Most insurance agents think of a Medicare beneficiary as someone who likely struggles with technology. It’s hard to believe that Bill Gates entered his Initial Enrollment Period last year! With that said, this gives you an idea of why your insurance agency’s website needs to be accessible on a mobile device, a tablet, or a desktop/laptop computer.

Another very importance piece of ensuring your insurance agency’s website is responsive is to ensure its accessible in every way! For example, font size. Insurance agents are familiar with the Medicare Communications and Marketing Guidelines which require all font for marketing to beneficiaries be a minimum of 12pt and Times New Roman equivalent – this includes disclaimers, and it’s important to include the same guidelines to your website.

However, because of mobile devices, Agent Pipeline recommends you not use any font smaller than 16pt to ensure clear readability for your insurance agency’s website. Additionally, visual contrast is a key component of readability so use very dark font color, or typography on light backgrounds and vice versa.

Pro Tip: Don’t forget to use proper button sizes on your insurance agency’s website as well! Your insurance agency’s button dimensions should be at least 44 pixels high to accommodate finger sizes on mobile devices.

Provide helpful information on your insurance agency’s website.
This generation has been around for quite a while and they don’t have time for a bunch of nonsense! If you’re been working with Medicare beneficiaries, you know they want to get straight to the point. They want the information that will help then live their lives to the fullest and depend on you, the insurance agent, to be up front and factual on what their Medicare health plan options are! If you give Baby Boomers the information, they need on your insurance agency’s website, they will rely on that information and share it with their friends to help them. A blog on your insurance agency’s website that provides quick FAQ reference on Medicare, tips on how to use their different health plans, etc. is all beneficial and exactly what they are relying on Google to find.

Another great idea for your insurance agency’s blog is to dedicate information to improving their lifestyle. Even though they prefer face-to-face interactions, they also go online. Because they have disposable income, they don’t mind spending money on a little comfort, luxury, and security.

Pro Tip: Learn how to successfully cross-sell products that will help provide your Medicare beneficiary book of business peace of mind – click here now!

Never use the word “old” or “senior” in your insurance agency’s marketing.
Not only do these two words deem some marketing pieces non-compliant according to the Medicare Communications and Marketing Guidelines, but Boomers also find this offensive because they do not feel old. They want to spend every moment experiencing life, traveling the world, and going on adventures. A good tip for any visuals used in your insurance agency’s marketing campaigns is to use photos and imagery of people around 10 years younger than your audience.

Pro Tip: Check with Agent Pipeline’s Compliance Department to learn more about why using the word ‘senior’ is considered non-compliant on marketing pieces or check out our pre-approved marketing materials now by clicking here.

Create videos for your insurance agency and share them on Facebook.
If your insurance agency does not have a business page on Facebook – get one now! Not only do Boomers prefer Facebook as their social media platform but they love watching videos. Generally, they prefer slower video formats that explain concepts in detail. These types of videos are called “explainer” videos.

Your video quality does not have to be professionally designed – going on Facebook live or recording a quick video with your smart phone is sufficient. It’s about the connection your target audience has with your insurance agency! Agent Pipeline also recommends using captions, because according to Sprout Social, 85% of videos on Facebook are watched without sound. Don’t forget to use a font size that will help with accessibility on mobile devices.

Simply keep your insurance agency connected to Baby Boomers.
At the end of the day, customer service is always the best marketing strategy for any generation. While ensuring you remove insurance jargon from your marketing efforts, increasing the font size & accessibility of your insurance agency’s website, and focusing on informational content on your insurance agency’s website and Facebook page; Baby Boomers simply want to connect!

Don’t forget to give Baby Boomers options of connecting to you. You are their source of truth for all things related to their insurance needs. As you go through the process of creating your insurance agency’s marketing plan for Baby Boomers, reach out to Agent Pipeline for more information on how you can download our no-cost Marketing Plan template.

You can also work with one of our Medicare experts who have been in the business of helping insurance agents just like you learn how to market to Baby Boomers effectively. Learn more about our- individualized growth plans and opportunities available in your market now – give us a call at 800-962-4693 today or click here to download our Marketing Plan template.

Social Media Pieces That Target Baby Boomers

Baby Boomers are very active on social media platforms like Facebook!
Agent Pipeline has created social media pieces you can use.

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