Selling ACA Over The Phone

Written by Lexi Williams

September 30, 2020

Buying Signals You Should Know When Selling ACA Over the Phone

Buying signals aren’t always a cue to dive into a close. Many consumers resist “being sold,” and if they start to feel pressured, you are likely to receive push back. Instead of hitting the prospect over the head with your most powerful close, try easing them into the purchase.

Before you ask your prospect for the sale, it’s best to follow the sales process and earn the right to ask for it. When it comes to selling ACA over the phone, eye contact and non-verbal cues are not an option. It’s crucial to focus more on what your clients say than what they do. Let’s dive into some buying signals you should know when selling ACA over the phone.


Although it may seem overwhelming when a potential client begins to ask you many questions, but it’s a good sign. They want to get down to the fundamentals of the products you are offering them and what it’s like to work with you as their insurance agent. These questions typically indicate your prospect is imaging themselves with ownership of the product and how it will benefit them. Questions that prospects usually ask in this phase identify pain points or hot buttons that you can later emphasize to help close the sale.

Once you’ve answered your prospect’s questions, you can develop their interest further by explaining the benefits and how it will make a difference.


Objections are usually a buying signal, however, not a strong one. When your client makes objections, they non-verbally tell you they are interested in and considering buying the product. Although they may be interested, they are likely concerned about some aspects of your offer. What it comes down to is they need more information to make the final decision.

Knowing when a prospect is ready to buy is simple. All the clues are there. The most important thing is to pay attention to detail and listen to your client. Just by doing these two simple things, it will be evident when your client is ready to buy.

Once you can recognize the buying signals and have earned the right, it’s time to ask for the sale. This is an area where many insurance agents struggle. However, after you have heard a buying signal, you must take a leap to the last step and ask for the sale. It’s likely the moment when you must answer the question, “How much will this cost?”. At this moment, insurance agents tend to ask themselves questions like “What if they can’t afford it?” and “What if they say no?”. Do you tell them the dollar amount right away? Yes, if the client bulks at the price or gives an objection, it’s the perfect time to revisit the product’s benefits with your client and continue to build value. Once you have overcome any objections you have earned the right to ask for the sale again. You don’t want to miss an opportunity you’ve worked hard on. Remember, take the time to listen, be attentive, identify the buying signals, and ask for the sale.

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